epub Worlds Of If Science Fiction, November 1952 (Volume 1, No. 5) By James L. Quinn – Selindameditasyon.com

Worlds Of If Science Fiction, November 1952 (Volume 1, No. 5) A Chat With the Editor essay by Paul W Fairman The Image and the Likeness novella by John Scott Campbell Brother to the Machine short story by Richard Matheson The Running Hounds short story by John Jakes as by John W Jakes You Too Can Be a Millionaire short story by Noel Loomis Let There Be Light short story by HB Fyfe as by Horace B Fyfe Generals Help Themselves short story by MC Pease

About the Author: James L. Quinn

James L Quinn was an American science fiction editor.Quinn was the publisher of the science fiction magazine If and, after Paul W Fairman left in 1952 became its editor until 1958 During his tenure as editor, the magazine s circulation underwent a gradual decline and he appointed Damon Knight to edit the magazine in his place Eventually, sales forced Quinn to suspend publication and he sold the title to Galaxy, where it was revived with H.L Gold as the editor.

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