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Workplace Learning For a company to compete effectively in today s business environment, its employees need to be adaptive and agile so they can develop the required skills and knowledge To achieve this, LD professionals must create a culture of workplace learning that encourages employees to constantly develop This means moving away from the traditional approach of simply offering a catalogue of courses to embedding learning in every part of the company Workplace Learning is a practical guide to all aspects of developing a culture of continuous workplace learning, from how to introduce and implement this culture to how to develop it.Showing that learning is not finite and is instead something that all employees should be doing continuously throughout their careers, Workplace Learning covers how to identify key areas to focus the most effort on, measure success and determine next steps It also outlines how to use technology to support workplace learning from MOOCs through to apps such as Knewton and Degreed Packed with case studies from organizations who have effectively established outstanding workplace learning including Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC , HT2 and The Happy Company, this is essential reading for LD professionals looking to make a real difference to the development of their staff and the future success of their organizations.

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  1. L A L A says:

    Thanks to Kogan Page and NetGalley for the Advance Review Copy It s difficult to argue against any of the messages in this book as it s all basically common sense Workplaces need to value learning and put the conditions in place to enable it to take place and this book argues that leaders need to make this a priority The c

  2. Annarella Annarella says:

    I m working as project manager on training projects and this was the right book to improve my working experience and to have a better understandment of this topic.I will surely apply some of the ideas in this book.Highly recommended Many thanks to Kogan Page and Netgalley for this ARC

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