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Wondrous strange: Arcane meraviglie Kelley una diciassettenne che vive a Manhattan e fa teatro in una produzione non eccelsa di Broadway Stanno portando in scena proprio Sogno di una notte di mezza estate di Shakespeare, tra l altro Sonny un changeling , un ragazzo una volta umano ed ora non pi rapito dalle fate ancora in fasce, che ha il compito di vegliare sullo Shamain Gate, la barriera tra il nostro mondo e quello delle Faeries, che si trova a Central Park Insieme ad altrichangeling , che compongono la Janus Guard, difende il mondo degli umani, uccidendo gli esseri malvagi che tentano di passare di qua I due mondi sono completamente diversi ma strettamente connessi l uno all altro Un giorno Sonny e Kelley s incontrano Per caso Ma Sonny attratto da qualcosa E decide di seguirla

10 thoughts on “Wondrous strange: Arcane meraviglie

  1. Kristi Kristi says:

    I think I ve written and then rewritten this review about a hundred times now And I know it s going to come across one way, and that s just how it s going to have to be, because

  2. Marcy Jo Marcy Jo says:

    Wondrous Strange is one of those gems that I stumbled across completely by accident I was in the book store looking to grab the second book in the BIFN series and of course I had to

  3. Nenia ⚔️ Queen of Villainy ⚔️ Campbell Nenia ⚔️ Queen of Villainy ⚔️ Campbell says:

    Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestI didn t post any status updates for this stealth review When you re as busy as I am, you want to have a book on you at all times At any given moment,

  4. Audrey Audrey says:

    I see that most people seem to have really liked this book, but it really rubbed me the wrong way It felt very flat and predictable I would have liked to have had a sense that there was real

  5. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Unreadably bad.If I found a fairy horse in my bathtub, I d call animal control Come on, you re mature enough to move to NYC on your own and make a living as an actress but you don t know how to

  6. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by The Story Siren for TeensReadToo.comI loved it, I LOVED it I love it so much I want to marry it If you are a fan of faerie books, you ll want to read this one If you ve tried faerie book

  7. Alethea A Alethea A says:

    Always choose a book by its cover ahem.First, a disclaimer I liked this book Despite what I am about to say next.Definitely better written and far less angsty than Wicked Lovely, somewhat lacking in the

  8. Penny Penny says:

    The story is meh.The characters are dum, it is appalling how stupid Sunny is This is another case of TSTL characters No, thank you.

  9. Laurel Laurel says:

    Slight spoilers I write this review as I stare at my Pretty Pretty Princess board game.Why Because this book makes me wish I was a ginger fairy princess myself, so that I could take Kelley s place and think rat

  10. Colleen Houck Colleen Houck says:

    I m a huge Shakespeare fan so I loved all the references Also really liked Bob and the kelpie horse There s a great twist you won t see coming If you re in the mood for fairies, give this one a try.

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