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WKW: The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai The long awaited retrospective from the internationally renowned film director celebrated for his visually lush and atmospheric films Wong Kar Wai is known for his romantic and stylish films that explorein saturated, cinematic scenesthemes of love, longing, and the burden of memory His style reveals a fascination with mood and texture, and a sense of place figures prominently In this volume, the first on his entire body of work, Wong Kar Wai and writer John Powers explore Wongs complete oeuvre in the locations of some of his most famous scenes The book is structured as six conversations between Powers and Wong each in a different locale , including the restaurant where he shot In the Mood for Love and the snack bar where he shot Chungking Express Discussing each of Wongs eleven films, the conversations also explore Wongs trademark themes of time, nostalgia, and beauty, and their roots in his personal life This first book by Wong Kar Wai, lavishly illustrated withthanphotographs and film stills and featuring an opening critical essay by Powers, WKW The Cinema of Wong Kar Weiis as evocative as walking into one of Wongs lush films

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