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Winsor McCay: His Life and Art John Canemaker reviews and fully analyzes McCay s achievements in print and film, examining his work in relation to his life, his family, and to American culture and values of the period Original art from all the McCay s endeavors and rare personal photographs provide a visual counterpart to Canemaker s fascinating text Begining with McCay s childhood in pioneer era Michigan, circa , this biography moves on through his earliest attempts to find an artistic voice in Chicago and turn of the century Cincinnati, his work with circus posters, as a quick sketch newspaper reporter, as a headliner chalk talk artist in vaudeville, as crown jewel in William Randolph Hearst s grand line up of newspaper cartoonists, and as the greatest of the early animators McCay s masterpiece is the epic Little Nemo in Slumberland, a beautiful and surreal fantasy rendered in stunning art nouveau line and subtle yet daring colour, and designed with layouts that anticipate cinematic storytelling techniques Gertie the Dinosaur, remain landmarks in the history of this art and were unmatched in the fluid movement and personality of the characters until the mature films of Walt Disney came along two decades later

10 thoughts on “Winsor McCay: His Life and Art

  1. Mike Schwartz Mike Schwartz says:

    An excellent biography of Winsor McCay with full reproductions of his work throughout The book covers every phase of McCay s career it turns out there sto appreciate than The Dream of the Rarebit

  2. David Monroe David Monroe says:

    I believe John Canemaker s book is probably the best biography of a cartoonist ever written, and remains one of the best books on comic sequential art ever written.

  3. Alexandra Infante Alexandra Infante says:

    This is a great book about the history of the comic from the early part of the 20th century Extensive.

  4. Dan Dan says:

    Winsor McCay was one of the first masters of the comic genre He exploded possibilities of what could be done with the page, graphically.

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    Wonderfully written book on my favorite animator.

  6. Brian Brian says:

    This book is absolutely one of the most enthralling reads I ve recently come across McCay s life story is the stuff of legend Truly an inspirational figure in American history.

  7. Todd Glaeser Todd Glaeser says:

    I knew about Little Nemo and Gertie the Dinosaur, but this book exposed me to so much

  8. Catherine Catherine says:

    Art was wonderful, writing a bit too lengthy.

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