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Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook Hesperian s classic manual, Where There Is No Doctor, is perhaps the most widely used health care manual in the world Useful for health workers, clinicians, and others involved in primary health care delivery and health promotion programs, with millions of copies in print in thanlanguages, the manual provides practical, easily understood information on how to diagnose, treat, and prevent common diseases Special attention is focused on mutrition, infection and disease prevention, and diagnostic techniques as primary ways to prevent and treat health problems Thisreprint features updated medicines, plus information on tuberculosis and HIV, including guidelines for anti retroviral therapy and preventing HIV in babies

10 thoughts on “Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook

  1. Cameron Cameron says:

    I first started using this book when I worked in a refugee camp in 1984 Since then I ve used material from it in training workshops in 12 different countries It s hard to overemphasize how important this book is, not only as a text, but from a philosophical standpoint Werner has spent his life trying to decrease our dependence on the medical establishment and this book does it perfectly, carefull

  2. Christine Christine says:

    This was my medical reference book during my time in the Peace Corps I think I diagnosed myself with African River Blindness about 200 times.

  3. Ryan Monaghan Ryan Monaghan says:

    If you have joined the Peace Corps, you have read this bookand probably reread it about twenty five times after It is an immense source of knowledge of medical conditions, treatments and resources available for communities without professional help available Everything from how to take blood pressure and what those results actually mean to a differential diagnosis of stomach pain, it has become essential

  4. Tinea Tinea says:

    Where There is No Doctor is a guide for caring for people s health when resources are extremely limited because of distance, poverty, or poor infrastructure It s an incredible resource, comprehensive yet written in simple, clear language intended to be accessible to someone with basic literacy You can use the book to look up specific illnesses, symptoms, and medications, or browse by chapter forholistic info

  5. Wayne Wayne says:

    All the stuff you learned in Health class and all the stuff you should have but didn t Indispensible This is basically a handbook for people who are charged with the task of providing health care to people in undeveloped countries It tells you basic diagnosis and treatment for common ailments, and also teaches you how to teach them how to keep themselves healthy It s cartoonish and seemingly dumbed down at times

  6. Chloe Chloe says:

    Fantastic book I keep going back to this especially when I m sick and want to check my symptoms and I getandout of it every time The fact is that most people who get sick in rural areas don t have really complicated illnesses, but since they re poor and have little to no access to over the counter type medications, things go unchecked and turn intoserious problems This book not only has great basic medical info, but

  7. Angela Angela says:

    reviewing this because barrett did this book is fabulous what was the quote his mother will say it was because he ate sweets but no, it is because he has eaten shit

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I can already tell that this book is a very valuable resource, especially for those in places far away from modern medicine I also like the philosophy of the author medical care is a human right and should not be solely controlled by a small number of individuals Some doctors talk about self care as if it were dangerous, perhaps because they like people to depend on their costly services But in truth, most common health pro

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    This book was SO not what I expected It was mostly just common sense things, and what meds to treat things with Meds that here in the states you have to get from a doc.Was looking for a book on really how to treat things when there are No Doctorswhat Herbs to use, how to take out a bullet, how to mend a broken bone make a cast, those kinds of things Guess my book search continues Maybe Culpeper s Complete Herbal will be my next

  10. Arini Miftahul Arini Miftahul says:

    even though I m a student, but I have interest with everything about doctor and this book really helped me to know everything about type of sickness or something like that.One thing you have to know, this book realllyy thick But I finished it for 3 days, hehewhat a good book

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