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We Were the Mulvaneys The Mulvaneys of High Point Farm in Mt Ephraim, New York, are a large and fortunate clan, blessed with good looks, abundant charisma, and boundless promise But over the twenty five year span of this ambitious novel, the Mulvaneys will slide, almost imperceptibly at first, from the pinnacle of happiness, transformed by the vagaries of fate into a scattered collection of lost and lonely soulsIt is the youngest son, Judd, now an adult, who attempts to piece together the fragments of the Mulvaneys former glory, seeking to uncover and understand the secret violation that occasioned the family s tragic downfall Each of the Mulvaneys endures some form of exile physical or spiritual but in the end they find a way to bridge the chasms that have opened up among them, reuniting in the spirit of love and healing

10 thoughts on “We Were the Mulvaneys

  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    Six months after the death of Joyce Carol Oates a couple of her fans will visit her grave Just underneath the keening mournful almost Canadian wind as they stand by the graveside they will hear to their consternation a little tiptappy scratching noise From underground They will run run run to get the caretaker who will get the police

  2. Glenn Sumi Glenn Sumi says:

    Okay, I finally GET Joyce Carol OatesThanks to Goodreads, I stuck with this novel, one of the prolific Joyce Carol Oates s best known and loved books Hey, it s even Oprah Book Club approvedSome people on here said it picked up around the 100 page mark, and wouldn t you know it they were right I m glad I listened to y all It takes a while

  3. Perry Perry says:

    Who doesn t desire his father s deathFyodor DostoevskyI want to write a few words about this novel while it s fresh on my mind instead of moving it to the back of my review line A first point would be that Oates could have shown what she wanted to show the disintegration of a seemingly typical family in three hundred pages instead of four hun

  4. Anna Anna says:

    This book is about a large family, the Mulvaneys, living all happily and blahblahblah until something terrible happens to the sole daughter Although the book is basically about this event and the aftermath, it takes about 100 pages to actually get to the plot The beginning of the book goes on about the Mulvaneys and how wonderful they were, describ

  5. Ted Ted says:

    Main Review Warning This review is almost a spoiler from one end to the other I would recommend this spoiler not be read if you are considering reading this book for the first time, and particularly if you are ready to start reading quite soon so you will have no time to forget much of what I relate in the spoiler view spoiler You still have time to go

  6. Robin Robin says:

    The Mulvaneys Gold Medal Winners for Bad Parenting I ve read reviews by those who think this book is what happens when a horrible event poisons a happy family or something similar to that Uh uh Not quite This book is all that, PLUS two ferociously bad parents, who stick to their ferociously bad parenting, and learn nothing, all through their journey Forgive

  7. Helene Jeppesen Helene Jeppesen says:

    Sometimes, when reviewing a book, it s easier to explain the experience you had while reading it so that s what I m going to do with We Were the Mulvaneys This is a family saga that spans over several years At first, the dense language made me feel like there was a ditch between me and the story I had to get used to the prose, and I did so surprisingly fast howev

  8. Fabian Fabian says:

    4 Reasons We Were the Mulvaneys was one true deep disappointment 1 I had already given J.C.O.s my full endorsement after reading Zombie , a speedier version of American Psycho and The Tattooed Girl , also a speedy version, this time of something long and droll by the likes of Roth This is a sad disaster I take everything I said about her back now I realize why some pe

  9. Sammy Sammy says:

    By the end of this book I was crying I just want to start with that and get it cleared out of the way It wasn t just a sniff and the threat of tears, I had actual tears running down my face and snot streaming out of my nose I was leaking enough that I actually had to put the book down and go grab some tissues.This book is very emotional, not just with how it makes the read

  10. Clare Clare says:

    I really needed Joyce Carol Oates to give me a break on this one I was still reeling from the horrible experience I had of accidentally reading part of Zombie but I was prepared to try to forgive her But even though no one in this book gave anyone else an ice pick lobotomy, it was entirely devoid of any heart, hope, or mercy I just don t need this in my life there s nothing abo

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