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Visualizing Change: A data-driven snapshot of our world A collection of powerful visuals showing how the world is changing, this infographic book dives into tech, markets, and the global economyIt s the best work from Visual Capitalist, all in one placeVIEWSReviews from our initial Kickstarter campaign for the bookBeautiful product It s one of those books you want to consume right away, but you have to take it one bite at a time Powerful content, well organized and sure to lead new insights about our world and the global forces which are driving change Alex, via email Definitely a MUST HAVE book if you re an economy, numbers, and statistics lover Ignacio, via Kickstarter I m just blown away by how good you guys are I ve spent my whole career in and around media and information, and I ve rarely seen a group with a better,informative approach David, via email Most of what we know in the investment business comes from self education, not being taught Visualizing Change helps me understand the basic concepts of the world in a visual and memorable manner Rick, via email

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