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Vegetarian Dinner Parties: 150 Meatless Meals Good Enough to Serve to Company If you re inclined to throw a dinner party, you probably do what most folks do you make a few sides and maybe a salad, ask someone to bring dessert, and put a hunk of meat in the middle of the table, like the roast beast in The Grinch But what about vegetables Living in a meat centric world, most of us simply don t know how to cobble together a series of vegetarian dishes that work together to create a perfect dinner party Why Because vegetarian cooking for dinner parties is not part of the American culinary lexicon, until nowHere, critically acclaimed, food writers and omnivores Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough take the reader by the hand and teach them not only how to make extraordinarily delicious and modern vegetarian and vegan dishes that everyone will love everything from sweet pea samosas to warm vegan donuts, stews, braises, pastas, and they show readers how to actually build dinner parties starting with flavors, seasonality and availability, and even time and skill Each recipe in Vegetarian Dinner Parties, which can certainly stand on its own, will be complemented by a wine or drink matching, and instructions for how to place the finished dish in the choreography of acourse dinner party

10 thoughts on “Vegetarian Dinner Parties: 150 Meatless Meals Good Enough to Serve to Company

  1. Edythe Hamilton Edythe Hamilton says:

    This cookbook divides into seven chapters and covers every aspect of preparing and hosting a great dinner party for your family and friends Each chapter has numerous recipes that have easy to follow instructions with ingredients that are sure to please any palate The title name of chapters are Twelve Ways to Say Welcome , N

  2. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    Dinner parties always leave me stressed and panicked to the point of canceling plans When I saw this I knew I needed to take a good look, and I was not disappointed It is set up in an easy to navigate set up the beginning explains their method of party set up and how you can make it work for you The author thrilled me with Dinn

  3. Mira Mira says:

    Just because you CAN combine certain ingredients it doesn t mean you should Pears, cheese, tomatoes, and pasta Blech I didn t find anything in this book that interested me.

  4. Dana Dana says:

    This cookbook has lovely photos, but, unfortunately, there is not a photo of each dish While the recipes look good, like they will taste nice, they are way too complicated for me to attempt and I can t make food look pretty like they show in the photos Most of them seem to require ingredients that would be difficult to find and they se

  5. Julie Julie says:

    Amazing cookbook, just not my style.

  6. Online Eccentric Librarian Online Eccentric Librarian says:

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog This is a beautifully presented, well thought out cookbook and planner designed to make vegetarian themed dinner parties easy and flavorful Most recipes are designed for 6 8 people, a number the authors consider ideal But the book is not just recipes, there is also a lot about planning before and then pre

  7. Anna Anna says:

    Thanks to NetGalley and Rodale Inc for the ARC of this book.This is an amazingly through cookbook, packed with advice on hosting a successful vegetarian dinner party.Each recipe has extensive notes including explanations of strange ingredients what parts of the recipes can be made in advance ideas for garnishes what other dishes and drinks would g

  8. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    A special thank you to Rodale Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review After reviewing two sensational other Vegan Cookbooks recently, found VEGETARIAN DINNER PARTIES to be lacking in comparison Presentation is everything , when it comes to food and entertaining First, and most importantly food photography As most can see by my

  9. Cindy H. Cindy H. says:

    Thank you to NetGalley and Rodale Inc for providing me with an Advanced Readers Copy of Vegetarian Dinner Parties by Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein.This cookbook is well designed and presented in a fun, clean, fresh approach for hosting and serving an elegant and modern vegetarian dinner party Aside from the countless unique and original recipes the

  10. Odette Cortés Odette Cortés says:

    I love finding a good cookbook I love finding a good vegetarian cookbook evenThe recipes that you can find in Vegetarian Dinner Parties by Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein look absolutely delectable and scrumptious highly sophisticated and not entirely unachievable The book is very well put The design, the pictures and the introductions to every section lo

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