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Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story A witty philosophical murder mystery with a charming twist the crack detectives are sheep determined to discover who killed their beloved shepherdOn a hillside near the cozy Irish village of Glennkill, the members of the flock gather around their shepherd, George, whose body lies pinned to the ground with a spade George has cared for the sheep, reading them a plethora of books every night The daily exposure to literature has made them far savvier about the workings of the human mind than your average sheep Led by Miss Maple, the smartest sheep in Glennkill and possibly the world , they set out to find George s killerThe A team of investigators includes Othello, the bad boy black ram Mopple the Whale, a merino who eats a lot and remembers everything and Zora, a pensive black faced ewe with a weakness for abysses Joined by other members of the richly talented flock, they engage in nightlong discussions about the crime and wild metaphysical speculations, and they embark on reconnaissance missions into the village, where they encounter some likely suspects There s Ham, the terrifying butcher Rebecca, a village newcomer with a secret and a scheme Gabriel, the shady shepherd of a very odd flock and Father Will, a sinister priest Along the way, the sheep confront their own all too human struggles with guilt, misdeeds, and unrequited love Three Bags Full is already an international hit It s rather as if Agatha Christie had re written The Wind in the Willows, and I ended by loving it, Jane Jakeman wrote in The Independent Funny, fresh, and endearing, it introduces a wonderful breed of detectives to American readers

10 thoughts on “Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story

  1. Lawyer Lawyer says:

    Three Bags Full Leonie Swann s novel of Sheepish Detection My thanks to the group Literary Exploration Without the group s selection of Three Bags Fullas our group read for March, 2012, I doubt I would have ever picked up this little gem, even though I had spotted it on the shelves of our local Barnes Noble A detective novel where sheep are the detective

  2. Kai Kai says:

    This is one of the weirdest books I have ever read in my short life.No, honestly if you are tired of clich , tired of fairytale retellings, tired of love triangles, tired of the usual average book, try this one You will not be disappointed.I know the rating is not encouraging, but that is because it is not everybody s cup of tea The reason Sheep Yeah, sheep T

  3. Lena Lena says:

    I never thought I would find myself commenting in a book review about how realistic the sheep characters seemed to be But in Leonie Swann s delightful murder mystery, I repeatedly found myself thinking Yes I bet that s exactly what a sheep would think While these crime fighting sheep are smart and understand English, they are still just so sheepy that I had no tro

  4. Michael Michael says:

    It s a cute premise a dead shepherd is discovered by his flock of sheep with a spade sticking out of his chest, and the sheep then set out to solve the mystery of the shepherd s murder Fine I have no problem with cute.The problem with this book is that it s just not a very good mystery, despite the billing The clues are often garbled in translation from human to sheep

  5. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    A wonderful, priceless book, full of wit and philosophical musings and profound observations.One morning at the small village of Glennkill, Ireland, a small flock of sheep wake up to find that their shepherd, George Glenn, has been murdered With a spade through his guts Miss Maple, the cleverest sheep in Glennkill, decides they should investigate and find his murderer, beca

  6. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I have to write a revised review I have to exIplainclearly why I really liked this book, beyond the fact that it still keeps me laughing even though I read it years ago I NEVER read mystery or crime novels And yet I loved it I never read fantasy books, and I loved it Why Well b c the sheep are so wonderful They are determined to find the murderer of their beloved Glen, whom they

  7. Sian Jones Sian Jones says:

    Read this book now Stop whatever you are doing, turn off whatever s cooking on the stove, turn off the music you were just listening to, put down whatever lesser book you thought you d read go to a locally owned used bookstore and buy this book It s one of those books that if it had been written even the tiniest bit differently, the entire wondrous thing would have collapsed But it s

  8. Marya Marya says:

    A shepherd is murdered and it s up to the flock to find out whodunnit Lead by the intrepid Miss Maple, a delightful cast of sheep characters put their fluffy, fleece heads together to crack the case.As a murder mystery, this book isn t that entertaining, but as a parody of the Miss Marple books, it is fantastic Each sheep in the flock has a distinct character that gives it a unique abilit

  9. Melki Melki says:

    Sheep, it turns out, have quite a bit in common with humans We are both gossipy, superstitious, and prone to exaggeration Like us, sheep have theories about life after death you become a fluffy, cloud sheep in the sky , and prejudices goats are crazy And occasionally, someone will offer up sane words of advice that both sheep and humans would do well to heedYou shouldn t believe what you don t

  10. Wendy Wagner Wendy Wagner says:

    It s almost a shame this book gets shelved as a mystery While a murder mystery underpins the action on the page, the book has very little to do with mystery and hard core mystery fans will probably come away feeling a little underwhelmed This book is a pretty neat commentary on books and literature it s about existentialism and the meaning of life it s about the relationship between humans and anim

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