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Thirteen Moons Brilliantly imagined, written with great power and beauty by a master of American fiction, Thirteen Moons is a stunning novel about a man's passion for a woman, and how loss, longing and love can shape a man's destiny over the many moons of a life UnabridgedCDs Charles Frazier is a master of storytelling in the tradition of those ancient storytellers who recited their lore before camp fires and in public places I can understand why he is at home with his subject matter in Thirteen Moons, as the lives of American indians were passed in just such a manner Will Cooper bears witness to a sad and shameful period of history, but does so without sentimentality, blame, or the shirking of blame Will, Claire, Featherstone and Bear emerge as threedimensional characters who fit their times and the likes of whom it would be hard to find today.We are seldom any longer presented with a writer whose intent is to dothan tell us a story but instead to inform our lives Frazier has literary genius When the palaver of the bestseller list has faded into obscurity, I like to believe there will be an English teacher somewhere teaching this novel and its lessons to a class of rapt students. I just wrote a lengthy review of this excellent book and apparently GoodReads was having server problems just as I was submitting it.SoI don't have the stomach to type all that out again, so kindly believe me when I tell you that Thirteen Moons is a tremendous accomplishment Sure, it may be a somewhat cliched going native story, but the narrative is actually based on the life of the historical figure William Holland Thomas (his name has been changed to William Cooper in the novel) Plus Charles Frazier is such an amazing storyteller the plot itself isor less unimportant.This is one of the finest books I've read in a long time I was sad to finish it because I know it will be quite a while before I find a book of this quality again It was nine years between Cold Mountain and Thirteen Moons; I can only hope that Charles Frazier's next novel will not require such a wait. When I started this book, I felt some trepidation I didn't think that Frazier could top Cold Mountain As it turned out, he didn't have to Will's story was a whole new world, one which completely captivated me It's been months now since I finished the book, and I can still remember all the characters Will, Claire, Bear as vividly as if I'd known them for years.Charles Frazier, whether or not you like his subject matter, has what all novelists strive for and what very few achieve: the ability to invent a world and put you smack dab in the middle of it He can create characters with a stroke of the pen, make you feel with them, make you laugh with them, make you cry with them He describes nature with such intensity that you will read those passages over and over again And when the book ends you will grieve for the loss of the world Frazier has created In short, Frazier has the Gift And we are the lucky recipients of it.Very few serious writers survive the publishing business, which tends to favor books with short, but lucrative, shelf lives In this brave new world we live in, it seems literary ideas are as disposable as paper napkins But in spite of the absurdities produced by economic shortsightedness, I have every confidence that Frazier's Thirteen Moons will be read for decades to come for its beauty, its honesty and for its genuine heartfelt emotion. A lot of people didn't think the follow up to Frazier's widely acclaimed COLD MOUNTAIN was nearly as good However, I beg to disagree I still dwell on this book 11 years after reading it I thought THIRTEEN MOONS had a great story and wonderful characters I can still see the old Indian coming into the general store and sitting down by the fire He would limit himself to 5 whiskeys, which he sipped leisurely as he gazed into the flames, content with his thoughts and memories.

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