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Their Language of Love A wife worries for her familys survival during theIndoPak war A mother is horrified when she learns that her daughter wants to marry her American boyfriend An American housewife living in Lahore has a tempestuous affair with a Pakistani minister An aged matriarch travels to the USA to discover she must confront a traumatic memory from her pastFinely nuanced, and laced with Sidhwas sharply comic observations, this is a stellar collection of tales from one of the subcontinents most important and beloved writers

About the Author: Bapsi Sidhwa

Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistan s leading diasporic writer She has produced four novels in English that reflect her personal experience of the Indian subcontinent s Partition, abuse against women, immigration to the US, and membership in the Parsi Zoroastrian community Born on August 11, 1938 in Karachi, in what is now Pakistan, and migrating shortly thereafter to Lahore, Bapsi Sidhwa witnessed the bloody Partition of the Indian Subcontinent as a young child in 1947 Growing up with polio, she was educated at home until age 15, reading extensively She then went on to receive a BA from Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore At nineteen, Sidhwa had married and soon after gave birth to the first of her three children The responsibilities of a family led her to conceal her literary prowess She says, Whenever there was a bridge game, I d sneak off and write But now that I ve been published, a whole world has opened up for me Graeber For many years, though, she says, I was told that Pakistan was too remote in time and place for Americans or the British to identify with Hower 299 During this time she was an active women s rights spokesperson, representing Pakistan in the Asian Women s Congress of 1975.After receiving countless rejections for her first and second novels, The Bride and The Crow Eaters, she decided to publish The Crow Eaters in Pakistan privately Though the experience was one she says, I would not wish on anyone, it marks the beginning of her literary fame Sidhwa Interview 295 Since then, she has received numerous awards and honorary professorships for these first two works and her two most recent novels, Cracking India and An American Brat These include the Pakistan National honors of the Patras Bokhri award for The Bride in 1985 and the highest honor in the arts, the Sitari I Imtiaz in 1991 Her third novel, Cracking India was awarded the German Literaturepreis and a nomination for Notable Book of the Year from the American Library Association, and was mentioned as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, all in 1991 A Bunting Fellowship from Harvard and a National Endowment of the Arts grant in 1986 and 1987 supported the completion of Cracking India Most recently she was awarded a 100,000 grant as the recipient of the Lila Wallace Reader s Digest Award in 1993 Her works have now been translated into Russian, French and German She is currently working on collections of short stories and essays, while fulfilling her duties as Writer in Residence and English professor at Mt Holyoke College She has also taught college level English courses at St Thomas University, Rice University, and The University of Texas, all in Houston, as well as at the graduate level at Columbia University, NY.

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  1. W W says:

    This is a collection of eight short stories by Bapsi Sidhwa.One is lifted straight from her novel,An American Brat.In this,ayoung Parsi girl wants to marry an American,to the consternation of her mother.Another one is about the 1965 Indo Pak war,which Sidhwa,curiously describes as a gentlemanly war.Still another deals with an American woman coming to Pakistan,and having an aff

  2. Paras Abbasi Paras Abbasi says:

    The stories in Their Language of Love are rich and languid, told in a fashion that is engulfed in an affluent and graceful historic aura Bapsi Sidhwa s work is not new to me but I fall in love with her writing evenevery time I read her Her short stories are as much witty and sarcastic, vivid yet baffling as her novels She portrays her characters as people you would meet in your

  3. Nashwa S Nashwa S says:

    This was a strange reading experience for me The first half of the book didn t really grab my attention, I was thinking that eh, these stories are ok, not her best work and so on In the first half, I enjoyed the backdrop and political set up of the storiesthan the actual plot but the last two stories Sehra Bai and Defend Yourself Against Me invoked a lot of emotion in me Those are

  4. Momina Masood Momina Masood says:

    My first of Sidhwa and not bad at all The stories fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces as shown in the cover , even though I felt that The Trouble Easers hardly belonged in a collection like this It has to be my favorite of all stories in this collection beautiful, poignant, meaningful Where others were slightly bold and daring, this one story exemplifies simplicity of both lan

  5. Kru Kru says:

    I did not know it was a collection of short stories I am prejudiced in that a very few great authors make really great short stories And Bapsi Sidhwa I had heard about her controversial, Ice Candy Man, that went on to become a movie by Deepa Mehta, controversial too or too controversial D The first story The Gentlemanly war was a bit dragging too, and I was almost going to shelf it un

  6. Seemal Zaman Seemal Zaman says:

    I read this in just a couple of days while commutingI am used to the way Bapsi writes but these short stories definitely kept me entertained Fiction work but based on a real timeline it takes you through the historic journey of pre partition and after partition of India and Pakistan Pick it up, its an easy read and you will enjoy itif you are interested in history.

  7. Naved Naved says:

    I wish I could say something about this Its a collection of short stories which unfortunately couldn t get me in, for those who are avid fiction and story readers might love this, but i am a bit disappointed except for few stories Still i will give it a 3

  8. Swetha Mary ann Swetha Mary ann says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here For starters i have no idea what the hell the whole book was aboutIt had eight short storiesThe first two centred around Zareen and her family.The first one being set in an Indo Pak war, with the dilemmas of the family that was always in the brink of a bomb threat Zareen s husband called this a gentlemanly war a

  9. Bill Berger Bill Berger says:

    I usually do not read short stories but I am such a fan of Bapsi Sidhwa that I did read her short story collection Very well done and centering on her usual Punjabi characters.

  10. Su_ghosh Su_ghosh says:

    Recently I read the book THEIR LANGUAGE OF LOVE Penguin Viking by Bapsi Sidhwa BS BS is one of the finest Pakisthani writer settled in the US Stories by BS usually details THE TRAUMA AND EXPERIENCES of people particularly Parsees affected by the Partition in the sub continent One of her novels have been made into a film EARTH directed by Deepa Mehta and features Nandita Das and Amir Khan.A mela

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