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The Y Chromosome An ironic and provocative novel which probes the lives of women and men in an all woman society of the future, a society which bears many similarities to our world today

About the Author: Leona Gom

est n e en 1946 en Alberta Sp cialiste de litt rature anglaise, elle a enseign en Alberta en plus d tre ditrice et directrice litt raire de po sie pendant plus de dix ans au magazine litt raire Event Po te, elle a publi de nombreux textes dans diverses anthologies travers le monde R cipiendaire de plusieurs prix de po sie, elle a galement crit deux pi ces de th tre pour la radio, toutes deux produites la CBC, la radio anglaise de Radio Canada Leona Gom, dont le Chromosome Y est le premier roman d anticipation, habite actuellement en Colombie Britannique.

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  1. Three O& Three O& says:

    Prize winning novelist and poet Leona Gom departs from her previous books and challenges the reader to meet an all women society of the future Taught and gripping a page turner at its very best The Y Chromosome examines the reliations and value system of a culture of women where the fe

  2. Carly Svamvour Carly Svamvour says:

    It looks so good I ve never taken the time to read it though.The copy I have is in very good condition.

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