The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Groundbreaking Scientists and Their Conflicting Visions of the Future of Our Planet –

The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Groundbreaking Scientists and Their Conflicting Visions of the Future of Our Planet BrilliantThe authors science journalism shines William Easterly, The Wall Street Journal An elegantly written, devoted testimonial to the art of the possible Jonathan Hahn, Sierra Manns storytelling skills are unmatched The great virtue of Manns bookand much of his journalism over many yearsis that it raises very large questionsthat are usually either ignored or answered in slogans He provides detail enough, and simplicity enough, that anyone who is struggling with these puzzles will be enlightened and informed And entertained, which, given the subject matter, is no small feat Bill McKibben, The New York Times Book ReviewFascinatingAn inquisitive and gifted science writer Tyler Priest, ScienceThe most persuasive writers on the environment punctuate their big picture theses with telling details that bring the relevant issues to life Like Elizabeth Kolbert and Tim Flannery, Charles C Mann is one of the masters of this arta stimulating, thoughtful, balanced overview of matters vital to us allDan Cryer, The Boston GlobeMann is a compelling and forensic analyst of big tipping points in human affairs Fred Pearce, The Washington PostCharles C Mann specializes in deep, comprehensive looks at the past that better elucidate the presentMary Ellen Hannibal, San Francisco ChronicleBest selling author and journalist Mann tackles the thorny problem of humankinds future through the lens of two th century visionaries A sweeping, provocative work of journalism, history, science and philosophy Library Journalstarred reviewWithout taking sides, Mann delivers a fine examination of two possible paths to a livable future Publishers Weeklystarred reviewAn insightful, highly significant account that makes no predictions but lays out the critical environmental problems already upon us Kirkusstarred reviewThe contrast is starktechnological wizardry or romantic prophecy as a lens to view the future path for the planet and humanity Charles Mann provides a deeply corrugated, richly nuanced, and highly entertaining narrative to make sense of the most consequential decisions facing civilization Read, think, and enjoy Ruth deFries, author of The Big Ratchet How Humanity Thrives in the Face of Natural CrisisBrilliantly conceived and executed, Charles Manns The Wizard and the Prophet is the book I have long awaitedthoughtful, balanced and unbiasedto understand the challenges that humanity will face as the twenty first century progresses Manns historical perspective provides the critically important context for us to understand how we got here and how we might solve the problems presented by a finite world of ten billion humans Gary Taubes, author of The Case Against Sugar The Wizard and the Prophet is a fascinating portrait of two men who probably shaped your thinking about the future, whether you realize it or not Charles Mann proves, once again, a masterful storyteller Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth ExtinctionA rich, elegant, ferociously readable study of our global quandary Among the many excellent things Charles C Mann does in The Wizard and the Prophet is give us a fresh, and wholly unexpected, way of understanding todays political divide Russell Shorto, author of Revolution SongA fascinating story of two forgotten men whose ideas changed our understanding of humanitys place in nature The Wizard and the Prophetis an intellectual history of the clash between techno optimists and environmentalists, but its also the very personal story of two thinkers,Norman Borlaug and William Vogt Mann offers a sympathetic, nuanced way to understand one of the fundamental debates of our time How willbillion humans live sustainably on Earth, when our demands for energy and food are growing This book showcases an important new kind of futurism, which looks to the past to understand how we ll survive Never preachy nor dogmatic, Mann asks his readers to do the most difficult thing possible choose a path to a better world, by consulting your own conscience Annalee Newitz, editor, Ars Technica CHARLES C MANN, a correspondent for The Atlantic, Science, and Wired, has also written for Fortune, The New York Times, Smithsonian, Technology Review, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, as well as the TV network HBO and the series Law Order A three time National Magazine Award finalist, he is the recipient of writing awards from the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Physics, the Alfred P Sloan Foundation, and the Lannan Foundation

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