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The War on Normal People From Entrepreneur Andrew Yang, The Founder Of Venture For America, An Eye Opening Look At How New Technologies Are Erasing Millions Of Jobs Before Our Eyes And A Rallying Cry For The Urgent Steps America Must Take, Including Universal Basic Income, To Stabilize Our Economy The Shift Toward Automation Is About To Create A Tsunami Of Unemployment Not In The Distant Future Now One Recent Estimate Predicts 45 Million American Workers Will Lose Their Jobs Within The Next Twelve Years Jobs That Won T Be Replaced In A Future Marked By Restlessness And Chronic Unemployment, What Will Happen To American Society In The War On Normal People, Andrew Yang Paints A Dire Portrait Of The American Economy Rapidly Advancing Technologies Like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics And Automation Software Are Making Millions Of Americans Livelihoods Irrelevant The Consequences Of These Trends Are Already Being Felt Across Our Communities In The Form Of Political Unrest, Drug Use, And Other Social Ills The Future Looks Dire But Is It Unavoidable In The War On Normal People, Yang Imagines A Different Future One In Which Having A Job Is Distinct From The Capacity To Prosper And Seek Fulfillment At This Vision S Core Is Universal Basic Income, The Concept Of Providing All Citizens With A Guaranteed Income And One That Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity Among Forward Thinking Politicians And Economists Yang Proposes That UBI Is An Essential Step Toward A New, Durable Kind Of Economy, One He Calls Human Capitalism.

About the Author: Andrew Yang

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The War on Normal People book, this is one of the most wanted Andrew Yang author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The War on Normal People

  1. Mrs. Europaea Mrs. Europaea says:

    Move over Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Mama has a new issue to plague her sleepless nights.In The War on Normal People, Yang, outlines the upcoming employment crisis to hit the United States With increasing measures by businesses and organizations to make all things automated for reas

  2. Muhan Muhan says:

    When Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, I was living in Miami, FL At the time, I had lived through three cycles of boom and bust in the United States The great recession, in particular, sparked my interest in economics and its impact on society At the time, learning about subprime mo

  3. Donna Hines Donna Hines says:

    Americans are becomingangered,frustrated, evendepressed and despondent in this Dog Eat Dog world we currently reside in as they struggle for basics to simply survive.Jobs are being replaced by automation, innovation, technology as the new norm What happened to benefits for all workers, affordable hea

  4. Diane Pagen Diane Pagen says:

    I read The War On Normal People I recommend it to everyone, which makes it a different kind of book Even though I love, say, detective novels, and biographies, I won t recommend them to every kind of person The War On Normal People stands out to me as being able to improve the lives of every person.Andrew Ya

  5. Andrew Frawley Andrew Frawley says:

    It s hard to be in the year 2018 and not hear about the endless studies alarming the general public about coming labor automation But what Yang provides in this book is two key things automation has already been ravaging the country which has led to the great political polarization of today, and second, an actual vi

  6. Caren Caren says:

    I wanted to read this book after hearing the author being interviewed on a podcast actually listened to some of it in an audio book format, read by the author, and then finished up by reading a physical book The author s audio performance was only so so, but the content of the book was very thought provoking More andoften,

  7. Fiona Aboud Fiona Aboud says:

    I found this amazing book to be incredibly powerful The effect of reading Yang s book is literally like waking up and seeing the world in a new way It s so easy to think of automation as someone else s issue, or a decades away problem, but the book decidedly convinces the reader that we re already far, far in the middle of revoluti

  8. Miles Miles says:

    Like many others, I discovered Andrew Yang by way of his excellent interview with Sam Harris last month Yang, who is running for President in 2020, immediately struck me as honest, intelligent, well informed, and profoundly reasonable a heroic foil for the repugnant personalities that dominate today s national politics Yang s central campa

  9. Daniel Arnstein Daniel Arnstein says:

    Human Capitalism is an excellent economic system that should be institutionalized within America Yes, radicalizing an entire economic system seems crazy at first but once you wrap your head around how basic it could be to implement how effective it could be for 350,000,000 people, it feels like the only way forward Human Capitalism builds a system

  10. Zach Zach says:

    I literally jumped out of my bed in excitement halfway through reading this book.Andrew Yang completely nails what has caused many of the problems in the US His simple description of the human effects from automation, and his major policy recommendations to fix them are both a strong reality check and extremely inspirational.Whether you re Republican or D

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