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The remarkable story of the heroic effort to save and preserve Afghanistan s wildlife and a culture that derives immense pride and a sense of national identity from its natural landscapePostwar Afghanistan is fragile, volatile, and perilous It is also a place of extraordinary beauty Evolutionary biologist Alex Dehgan arrived in the country into build the Wildlife Conservation Society s Afghanistan Program, and preserve and protect Afghanistan s unique and extraordinary environment, which had been decimated after decades of warConservation, it turned out, provided a common bond between Alex s team and the people of Afghanistan His international team worked unarmed in some of the most dangerous places in the country places so remote that winding roads would abruptly disappear, and travel was on foot, yak, or mule In The Snow Leopard Project, Dehgan takes readers along with him on his adventure as his team helps create the country s first national park, completes the some of the first extensive wildlife surveys in thirty years, and works to stop the poaching of the country s iconic endangered animals, including the elusive snow leopard In doing so, they help restore a part of Afghan identity that is ineffably tied to the land itself The Snow Leopard Project: And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation

About the Author: Alex Dehgan

Alex Dehgan is the founder and CEO of Conservation X Labs, which is focused on transforming the field of conservation through technological and financial innovation Previously, he was USAID s first chief scientist in twenty years, and ensured that USAID became the global leader on employing science, technology, and creativity to help solve development challenges Prior to his tenure at USAID, he worked at the Department of State on science diplomacy under Ambassador Dennis Ross, and later under Ambassador Holbrooke and the Office of the Special Representative to the President for Afghanistan and Pakistan He was the William Rainey Harper Fellow for the Biological Sciences Division at the University of Chicago, and was granted a Searle Fellowship and a National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship among twenty one other awards, fellowships, and grants he has received during the tenure of his career He currently teaches at Duke University He has worked and traveled in almost ninety countries across five continents.

10 thoughts on “The Snow Leopard Project: And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation

  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    Before reading this book, I didn t know or think much of Afghanistan s wildlife or natural beauty I imagined a dusty, arid desert that s what we re shown on TV But now, after immersing myself in Dehgan s stories of the country, I have a sense of appreciation for the diversity and value of Afghanistan s ecosystems from the lake valleys and travertine formations of Band e Amir seriously, you need to see the

  2. PoachingFacts PoachingFacts says:

    A deep and cerebral memoir, The Snow Leopard Project reveals the unique mixture of foreign policy, cooperation between agencies and NGOs, and a variety of front line field work required for large conservation projects The familiar yet startlingly diverse setting of Afghanistan is the backdrop for many of the interesting and amusing complications encountered by Alex Dehgan while working on the Wildlife Conser

  3. Tatjana Dzambazova Tatjana Dzambazova says:

    Ah, there is so much to say about this book In a single sentence, I would just say READ THIS BOOK.If I am allowed to be verbose which I always am, even when not allowed , I would say Read this book if you want to learn about Conservation in war post war zones and making an impact without the power of authority but the power of education and convictionRead it if you want to laugh Alex s humorous story telling ma

  4. Catherine Catherine says:

    Review of the book is 4 stars, but the experience behind it is beyond 5 Readership you might want to be interested in biology conservation, ecology, or NGO work before picking up this book However, you ve also got to be able to keep an open mind, be okay with a documentary rather than arcing plot line, and think critically about people and places One of the largest issues with illegal wildlife trade is its propaga

  5. Liz Liz says:

    Am actually not done but up to chapter 5 so have read 98 pages Sadly it is written with all the earnestness of a government report The topic is interesting so I will come back to finish it but right now I have other ebooks expiring soon that I want to get to Did finish later in November it was a good chapter at a time type book.

  6. timv timv says:

    I struggled with reading this book I think part of the struggle was due to the book being a hodgepodge ofanecdotes and I also struggled with the basic concept of doing basic wildlife conservation survey work in such a intense war zone In order to establish national parks that are effective, a country needs to have a stable government Obviously this did not exist in Afghanistan, so why embark on the adventure other than

  7. Ellen Ellen says:

    Dehgan s account of his time with the Wildlife Conservation Society was interesting, and I enjoyed if that s the right word the look at the history of Afghanistan and the current realities and challenges of trying to do conservation work there But this book really could have used a heavier editing hand to tighten the narrative and make itengaging and impactful The chapters are somewhat anecdotal and its hard to get a sense

  8. Morgann Gordon Morgann Gordon says:

    Let s start off by saying that my 3 star review belies my true enjoyment for this book Good news first bad news last Okay then, here we go What I liked 1 The science behind the story I know I m a broken record, but my career is important to me, so as a trained Biologist, I loved the why behind this book I feel like for me, Dehgan didn t need to explain to his audience why conservation is crucial, why this book is essential, a

  9. Harry Harry says:

    Although it suffers in places for a lack of cohesive vision is this a political report justifying further spending on a program A journalistic narrative of life in Afghanistan A pr cis sketch of the biodiversity and ecology of the Pamir region Dehgan seems to attempt all of these and succeed only in being slightly muddled The Snow Leopard Project is, nevertheless, a thoroughly enjoyable book The conservation elements of the stor

  10. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    The Snow Leopard Project And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation is an autobiographical memoir written by Alex Dehgan, an evolutionary biologist This book chronicles his work with the Wildlife Conservation Society to establish Afghanistan s first National Park.First arriving in Kabul in 2006, Dehgan realizes early on that success for the ambitious project would depend if there was sufficient wildlife left in the country, if t

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