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The Secret Barrister THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Winner Of The Books Are My Bag Non Fiction Award Shortlisted For Waterstones Book Of The Year Shortlisted For Specsavers Non Fiction Book Of The Year Eye Opening, Damning And Hilarious Tim Shipman, Author Of All Out War And Fall Out I M A Barrister, A Job Which Requires The Skills Of A Social Worker, Relationship Counsellor, Arm Twister, Hostage Negotiator, Named Driver, Bus Fare Provider, Accountant, Suicide Watchman, Coffee Supplier, Surrogate Parent And, On One Memorable Occasion, Whatever The Official Term Is For Someone Tasked With Breaking The News To A Prisoner That His Girlfriend Has Been Diagnosed With GonorrhoeaWelcome To The World Of The Secret Barrister These Are The Stories Of Life Inside The Courtroom They Are Sometimes Funny, Often Moving And Ultimately Life Changing.How Can You Defend A Child Abuser You Suspect To Be Guilty What Do You Say To Someone Sentenced To Ten Years Who You Believe To Be Innocent What Is The Law And Why Do We Need It And Why Do They Wear Those Stupid Wigs From The Criminals To The Lawyers, The Victims, Witnesses And Officers Of The Law, Here Is The Best And Worst Of Humanity, All Struggling Within A Broken System Which Would Never Be Off The Front Pages If The Public Knew What It Was Really Like Both A Searing First Hand Account Of The Human Cost Of The Criminal Justice System, And A Guide To How We Got Into This Mess, The Secret Barrister Wants To Show You What It S Really Like And Why It Really Matters.

About the Author: The Secret Barrister

The author, writing under the pseudonym of The Secret Barrister, is a junior barrister practising criminal law before the courts of England and Wales The Secret Barrister is also a blogger who in 2016 and 2017 was named Independent Blogger of the Year at the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards As of the book s publication date in March 2018 the author had a substantial following on Twitter of

10 thoughts on “The Secret Barrister

  1. Better Eggs Better Eggs says:

    Saw it on Purita s profile, looked interesting.

  2. Emma Emma says:

    As a call for awareness, this is loud enough to be heard, but it also reminds us that outside the extraordinary cases, so much of the nitty gritty of law can be unimaginably dull That we have a crisis of funding in the law should surprise nobody, but perhaps the law suffers for attention in comparison to the NHS because we re likely to have personal experien

  3. Simon Bradshaw Simon Bradshaw says:

    I often recommend books I sometimes say that a book is a must read But there are few books that make me want to go up to everyone I know and tell them that I actually, really mean that they must read it, in the sense that it is genuinely important that they take in what the author says.This is such a book.If you have any interest in the English criminal justice syste

  4. James James says:

    Just prior to the 1983 General Election, then Labour Leader Neil Kinnock, delivered what must rank as one of the most poignant speeches ever made in British politics In what might be called his warning speech , he warned of what would happen should Margaret Thatcher win To paraphrase, he warned people not to get old, not to be young, not to get sick, not to do myriad other t

  5. Reuben Reuben says:

    I went into this book expecting a fun and informative read on the many failures of the English criminal legal system, a topic I am very interested in And while The Secret Barrister was certainly informative in places, the entire book left a very sour taste in my mouth.This reaction stems from one unavoidable aspect of this book the unrelenting snobbery of the Secret Barrister

  6. Nigel Nigel says:

    Briefly Slightly mixed feelings on this one Looking at the subtitle there really aren t many stories of the law and it majors on how the law is broken Dry in places, fascinating in others.In fullThis book opens with some outline information about the author, the book and the criminal justice system Written by an anonymous barrister it considers of the subject of justice over time and across

  7. Karen Ross Karen Ross says:

    Fails to live up to the hype Too much history Insufficiently anecdotal The sexy title and implicit cashing in on the Secret Footballer franchise promised a different kind of book and the populist marketing leads to disappointment.Written like a barrister writes and i don t mean that in a good way

  8. G L G L says:

    Feel like this book wanted to be the This is Going to Hurt for the law but wasn t quite engaging or funny enough was interesting but often over complicated and the explanations were sometimes convoluted.

  9. Faye Faye says:

    Read May 2019In terms of the content of this book, I should really give it five stars The Secret Barrister exposes the many flaws and weaknesses in our justice system from an insider s invaluable perspective.The trouble is that our system is so clearly broken that the book becomes hard to read I finished it feeling much depressed and vulnerable than when I first picked it up The story of the juni...

  10. Sid Nuncius Sid Nuncius says:

    This is excellent It s very readable and often witty in style, but its message is stark and worrying we have a serious problem in the criminal justice system which is getting worse.Written by an understandably anonymous barrister, The Secret Barrister is an account from the inside of the realities of the English and Welsh legal system It is interesting and very clear about how we came to have the current system, its undou

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