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In one apocalyptic night, John Gillis and his estranged cousin, Sextus, confront a half century of half truths and suppositions that have shaped and scarred their lives, their families and their insular Cape Breton community Telling stories that unravel a host of secrets, they begin to realize that they were damaged before they were born, their fathers and a close friend forming an unholy trilogy in a tragic moment of war Among the roots of a complex andpainful relationship, they uncover the truth of a fateful day John has spentyears trying to forgetTaut and brilliantly paced, etched with quiet humour and crafted with fiery dialogue, The Long Stretch is a mesmerizing novel in the tradition of Alistair MacLeod, David Adams Richards and Ann Marie MacDonald The Long Stretch

About the Author: Linden MacIntyre

Linden MacIntyre is the co host of the fifth estate and the winner of nine Gemini Awards for broadcast journalism His most recent book, a boyhood memoir called Causeway A Passage from Innocence won both the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non Fiction and the Evelyn Richardson Prize for Non Fiction.

10 thoughts on “The Long Stretch

  1. Rick Rick says:

    I read this after reading the Bishop s Man The Long Stretch clarified some of the events that were central to the story in the Bishop s Man However, I found this book a bit dry and sometimes tedious to read I had difficulty keeping myself focussed as events jumped back and forth I even had a time tracing whose father was whose The story is based on a conversation between two cousins who proceed to get very drunk and reveal secrets to

  2. Ian Ian says:

    The Long Stretch 1999 is the first entry in Linden MacIntyre s Cape Breton Trilogy, which includes the novels The Bishop s Man 2006 and Why Men Lie 2012 Looking at this novel in isolation, it s easy to see why the author felt compelled to return to these characters in later works The Long Stretch, filled with ghosts whose past actions have determined the course that many lives follow in the present, leavesthan a few questions unanswered

  3. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Great book, though it does have the odd moment here and there where it gets a little dull The author perfectly describes the small town Cape Breton scenery and the characters are all very life like.

  4. Navarra Navarra says:

    Quite certainly, this book will stay in my mind s eye and on my shelf for so long that I will re read it some day.

  5. Renata Renata says:

    I read this book after The Bishop s Man and Why Men Lie and this one goes a long way to filling in some of the background of the characters in those two books This book is well written MacIntyre has a way with words and ideas Like other reviewers have noted, the book becomes tedious form time to time as most of what happens is detailed in conversation Overall, I would recommend it as a good piece of Atlantic Canadian literature.

  6. Jovdb Jovdb says:

    I found it really difficult to get into this book I didn t care what really happened in Holland, how it impacted people s lives or what the ending was.This was a confusing way to tell the story going between the past, present and distant past I had to concentrate to figure out which old man they were talking about and who was who s son.I like The Bishop s Man much better.

  7. Ingrid Anderson Ingrid Anderson says:

    I loved the east coast feel of this one Some of the family dynamics and individual back stories were a little hard to keep track of now and then not helped along if I put the book down for a day or two Over all though, this was an enjoyable read, written by a journalist I have a great deal of respect for I would definitely read another of his novels.

  8. Katrina Witteveen-roth Katrina Witteveen-roth says:

    This book was tough to follow in the beginning, a lot of characters and time jumping Sometimes it wasn t always clear who was involved in the conversation.As you get to know the characters better it becomes easier to understand, and by the end it is engaging enough.

  9. JoAnne JoAnne says:

    Hard to rate this book, too many unanswered questions lots of mystery Hard to rate this book, too many unanswered questions lots of mystery

  10. Billie Raven Billie Raven says:

    Tells a great story, while revealing all that s hidden

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