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The Knife of Narcissus The knot of friendship tying Lucius and Trio together has been an unbreakable bond but it might not withstand all that Rome can throw against themLucius Sentius assumes along with most ordinary people in the city of Rome that the debauched days of Nero are behind them Rome has settled down under a sober new ruler, and old fashioned values rule with him Lucius may be only the son of a merchant, but his newly arranged marriage to an older widow will bring powerful connections if he keeps himself on a respectable pathThat seems impossible when he discovers that his heart lies somewhere not at all respectable his lifelong friend Trio, the reserved and serious son of one of the most reserved and pious families in the cityAs Lucius is pushed along the course of duty to family, to his promised spouse, and to Rome itself, he begins to see under the surface of his city, into a net of intrigues and manipulation, of seduction and corruption, that can carry him upward in status and bring him what he most wantsor destroy both him and the people he loves

About the Author: Carolyne Chand

Against everyone s better judgement, Carolyne Chand spends a lot of time writing about swords and sandals Sometimes she writes about Revolutionary War vampires, cross dressing girl pirates, and elves in spaceships too Learnabout them at

10 thoughts on “The Knife of Narcissus

  1. Parkq Parkq says:

    A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.The Knife of Narcissus is a beautifully written historical novel set in ancient Rome It tells the story of Lucius, a young man of the merchant class, and his journey in creating a life for himself and the love of his life, Trio Author Carolyn Chand describes life in ancient Rome with such exquisite detail that the reader feels immersed in the setting and culture Lucius and Trio

  2. Reflection Reflection says:

    The Knife of Narcissus tells the story of Lucius a young up and coming Roman who enters a marriage of convenience to help boost his family s standing Lucius is a romantic at heart and pines for his best friend Trio from another merchant family Both men need to consider their familial obligations and ambitions and whether their reputations can survive discovery of the level and intensity of their love for one and other which transcends brotherly affection

  3. Kat Kat says:

    4.5 starsThe Knife of Narcissus is a story of how two friends deal with their love for each other when society has frowned upon their wanted relationship We follow Lucius as he discovers how to deal with show his love for his childhood friend Trio while trying not to condemn the two of them to the public eye Lucius and Trio enter adulthood at the beginning of the story grow the family businesses, marry and have children, gain connections acquaintances in higher

  4. Kathleen Ewing Kathleen Ewing says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Lucius and Trio are free born sons of the Roman empire They come from merchant families with expectations of marrying them into a high station Lucius family is involved in import export while Trio s is involved in wine The story opens with Lucius set to marry a widow Upon his marriage, he sets up his own household, but has no idea how to please his wife as he wasted the coming of age trip t

  5. Lana Lana says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.Wow I love historical novels, and this is one of the most interesting I ve read in a long time The detail in the Roman world building is amazing You get sucked in instantly and feel like you are actually walking through an old Roman market, or sitting on a balcony looking up at the palace I literally could not put this book down.The love story is very drawn out, and even at the end, there s a lot left undon

  6. Heather Heather says:

    The Knife of Narcissus was originally published as a 7 part serial but I read the complete Omnibus edition I loved the quality of detail the author used to put the reader right there in Ancient Rome experiencing Lucius Trio s journey along with a very interesting cast of secondary characters that at times add so muchthan secondary plotlines I will admit that there seemed to be a lot of moments of repetition in regard to Lucius inner monologue, but this is my first serial so perhaps

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