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The King's Spy Summer, England is at war with itself King Charles I has fled London, his negotiations with Parliament in tatters The country is consumed by bloodshedFor Thomas Hill, a man of letters quietly running a bookshop in the rural town of Romsey, knowledge of the war is limited to the rumours that reach the local innWhen a stranger knocks on his door one night and informs him that the king s cryptographer has died, everything changes Aware of Thomas s background as a mathematician and his expertise in codes and ciphers, the king has summoned him to his court in OxfordOn arrival, Thomas soon discovers that nothing at court is straightforward There is evidence of a traitor in their midst Brutal murder follows brutal murder And when a vital message encrypted with a notoriously unbreakable code is intercepted, he must decipher it to reveal the king s betrayer and prevent the violent death that failure will surely bring

10 thoughts on “The King's Spy

  1. Annet Annet says:

    I read historical fiction a lot, love the settings of a look back into history This is a great historical novel Enjoyed this read I got to know this writer only recently when I spotted his last book Incendium published this year Coul

  2. Beata Beata says:

    A must read for the lovers of a good historical novel.

  3. Krystal Krystal says:

    I honestly don t know how something that includes so many exciting things could be so monotonously DULL.What the story promises Murder, lies, betrayal, torture, secret codes and mystery, all set during one of the most exciting periods of history

  4. Terri Terri says:

    A very decent debut novel from author Andrew Swanston Set against the backdrop of the English Civil War, around the time of the Battle of Newbury The main character Thomas Hill, a bookseller from a small rural town, is commandeered to assist Charles I

  5. Lyn Elliott Lyn Elliott says:

    Really enjoyed it I bought it to read tomorrow on a long flight, just had a quick look to see what it was like and finished it last night Now to find another book for a long plane journey December 2019.Perhaps because I read this on kindle on a long haul fl

  6. Linda Linda says:

    I recommend this book I read a promotional e copy from .The read was easy, and the author s writing mechanics were excellent The errors were too few to mention The book was neither too long nor too short The author kept his character count manageable The book was

  7. Dawn Dawn says:

    Thomas Hill is a book seller who has invited his widowed sister and her children to live with with him in Romsey His life is quiet and predictable until a stranger knocks on his door and tells him that the king needs his help When he arrives in Oxford, it is nothing li

  8. Mieneke Mieneke says:

    The King s Spy is the second Civil War novel I ve read as part of the Transworld Historical Fiction Reading Challenge And while both novels contain Royalist viewpoints though neither are wholly so they each give a totally different view of the proceedingsThe Bleeding Land ,

  9. Robin Carter Robin Carter says:

    Review A nice well written story, that is fun and engaging to read Nice characters, and the writing is very atmospheric taking the reader back in time the My problem really is to me there felt like there were mistakes to do with religious orders, soldiers uniforms etc Some were mi

  10. Joan Joan says:

    I loved this book the first of a trilogy Extremely well researched, set in a very interesting period The English Civil War which is a period less common in historical mystery writing and with engaging and involving characters The information on codebreaking and cypher solving was really

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