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The Ice Road: An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom In a forgotten chapter of history,million Polish civilians arbitrarily arrested by Stalin as enemies of the people following the Soviet invasion of Poland in Septemberwere deported to slave labor camps throughout the most inhospitable forests and steppes of the Soviet Union The Ice Road is the gripping story of young Stefan Waydenfeld and his family, deported by cattle car into the frozen wastes of the Russian arctic north

10 thoughts on “The Ice Road: An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom

  1. Wanda Wanda says:

    The Ice Road is a tour de force that takes the reader into a history that is not well known in the U.S It is the first person account of Stefan Waydenfeld, a Pole, whose family the Wajdenfelds is deported to the Soviet Union, simply because they were Poles, educated and hence in need of Soviet re education It takes place from the first

  2. Tim Tim says:

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  3. Amy Amy says:

    An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to FreedomSticking with the apparent theme of Stalinist Russia and its aftermath, I found this memoir fascinating It s alwaysinteresting to read a historical event in the voice of someone who experienced it, and the author Stefan Waydenfeld describes his experiences with detail and yet without bitter

  4. Lkelly6 Lkelly6 says:

    If you, like me, are a lifelong citizen of USA, reading this book will transport you to another world As a high school history teacher, I can recite all the battles and strategies of WWII I can tell you many stories of the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities throughout Europe, but I had ZERO knowledge of what happened to people like this author, who were ca

  5. Anne Anne says:

    This is a fascinating autobiography by a man whose family was shipped by the Soviets from their home in Poland to a Stalinist labor camp in the forests of Siberia during the beginning days of WW II After manymoves occasioned by the Soviets, he eventually made it to England, where he became a doctor and raised his family The book is an account of the terrib

  6. Gary Gary says:

    At the risk of being redundant, another excellent addition to the genre, recommended heartily for those who tend to be interested in it A bit different from others I ve read in that it chronicles the experiences of a family rather than an individual As well, an important work in exposing the despicable treatment at that time of the Poles by the Russians.

  7. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Excellent book, I highly recommend it I read this for my World War II history class It s about a part of Soviet Polish history that I new nothing about before the deportation of Polish citizens to Siberian labor camps in early WWII Waydenfeld writes really well and keeps the reader interested.

  8. Linda Linda says:

    This is a sleeper book that gives a vivid personal account of the Waydenfeld family s courageous survival through a Stalinst labor camp in Siberia to their eventual freedom from a divided Poland Keep an old Atlas handy to follow their path.

  9. Lori Lori says:

    A very informative account of the perilous journey that many civilians of Poland had to embark on during and after WWll The story educates the reader of the hardships that were endured, from the unique viewpoint of a young teenager.

  10. Susan Schreiber Susan Schreiber says:

    The story of a 15 year old boy who lives in Poland when WWII starts It tells his journey in communist Russia Very interesting as you rarely hear about this aspect of WWII It is always about the Nazis.

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