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The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again The fabulous women from The Hot Flash Club are back in top form, welcoming the stressed out and pampering deprived through their discreet spa doors as Nancy Thayer returns with a witty, sexy, and heartwarming novel The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again also introduces four new women, ready for massages and seaweed wraps, each struggling to reconcile her secret dreams, biggest fears, and deepest feelings as topsy turvy events shake up her life.After eighteen years of trying to make peace with her husband s cold as ice mother, Polly vows to be the perfect mother in law loving, accepting, and determined to keep her mouth shut Then her son marries Amy, a Birkenstocked gal whose organic farm and family ooze a rather creepy serenity Ever the optimist, Polly puts her best foot forward so why does it end up in her mouth A shy and brilliant professor to be, Beth has lived a sheltered life Then she meets Sonny, a rugged, sexy carpenter who sweeps her off her feet The problem Beth may not survive his loud, affectionate, athletic family especially when the very beautiful and earthy woman everybody wanted Sonny to marry is still hanging around the family dinner table.Heiress to one of New England s oldest paper companies, Carolyn is the driving force behind the brand Now, at thirty seven, the workaholic executive is finally pregnant with her first child, and high blood pressure is forcing her to do something totally alien relax But how can she let down her guard when her seventy something father has gone and eloped with a young bank clerk named Heather, whose rather plain looks and unassuming nature still manage to fill Carolyn with suspicion.A free spirited photographer, Julia has married a man she loves, but he s come packed with baggage Tim is a widower with a young daughter, and Julia has bravely stepped up to the plate, doing her best to provide maternal support But as if being pinned down by the child s slightly manipulative ways and dare Julia say it spoiled behavior wasn t enough, there s Tim s ex mother in law, whose meddling is getting nastier by the week.For Polly, Beth, Carolyn, and Julia, the time has come to stand up for what matters for their passions, their hearts, and themselves As they maneuver through family drama and embrace unexpected change, they come to find that life is much easier and a lot fun when you ve got friends, wine, and chocolate along for the ride From the Hardcover edition.

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