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The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter Everyone in Dark Hollow, Tennesee, knew that old Nora Bonesteel had the Sight So naturally she was the first to know about the murder suicide Four members of the Underhill family lay dead on a run down farm, and the two children who survived had no one left Only the minister s wife, Laura Bruce, was willing to be their guardian

10 thoughts on “The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

  1. Amy Amy says:

    This is my second book by Sharyn McCrumb, and I liked this one best She has such a way of transporting me to backwoods Tennessee I feel like I m sitting on somebody s porch, listening to Uncle Asa tell stories This story just meanders on down the hill, taking its own sweet time In this book, there are actually several tales being told, each a complete story on its own, but woven together to c

  2. Werner Werner says:

    Modern contemporary general fiction hasn t formed the largest bloc of my reading not because I don t like it, but just because, at the specific times when I ve picked books to read over the years, selections from the other genres have usually happened to overshadow anything from this one And I greatly enjoy both the supernatural as well as other speculative and mystery genres So it s perhaps not s

  3. Maurean Maurean says:

    The Hangman s Beautiful Daughter is the second installment of her Appalachian Ballad series, and was the third of said series that I ve had the pleasure to read while several characters are re occurring, these ballads need not be read in order, and are all easily enjoyable as stand alones.McCrumb deftly displays both the beauty and the hardship of the Celtic heritage, prevalent in the Appalachian area

  4. Sharla Sharla says:

    The sense of place in this book is so real you can feel the mountain shadows lengthen I identify with the characters so much I can almost feel their pain Loved Maggie and was so angry at those who failed to help her and Mark when they needed it Nora Bonesteel is a wonderful character you d love to meet in life The only criticism would be that I thought the Justin Warrren camp of wanna be soldiers didn t ser

  5. Connie Knight Connie Knight says:

    The Hangman s Beautiful Daughter, published in 1992, introduced Sharyn McCrumb s portrait of life in Dark Hollow, Tennessee, a small town in the Appalachian mountains This novel was a Mystery Guild Selection.Main characters begin with Nora Bonesteel, an elderly woman with the gift of Sight Her house is on a mountaintop that faces the nearby mountain showing the Hangman s face People come to her for help One of h

  6. Anne Hawn Smith Anne Hawn Smith says:

    This story is as odd as the several mountain stories that are told within it Nora Bonesteel has the second sight and she often has the coffee poured and plates of cookies out arleady when the visitor comes up the road She is the character around whom the story is told although she is not the main character There is a terrible tragedy and four members of the Underhill family are dead and the remaining two children are

  7. Mary Mary says:

    In the used bookstore a few days ago I asked the clerk for a mystery recommendation This was one of them While it isn t objectively bad, I just didn t enjoy it I realized tonight that I was coming up with any excuse to not pick it up and finish So I quickly skimmed the last half and guess what It wasof the same This isn t a mystery even though it s categorized as a crime novel the killer is named very early on At times it

  8. Lynn Pribus Lynn Pribus says:

    Although there is a mystery with things not really being as they appear, this book isa collection of Southern story telling with a fey old woman who sometimes sees the future It s almost a series of short stories, tied together in the framework of a quilt the old woman is creating Two parents and a young boy are murdered by an older son who commits suicide, leaving two siblings behind The minister s wife, in his absence becaus

  9. Mimi Mimi says:

    Another one that could do with a half star However, what I loved about this book was that it wove in Shakespeare, the Irish heritage of Appalachia, and the ballads that nurture the area so beautifully In a lot of ways it reminded me of Christy it s not necessarily a compelling story, but a compelling setting and characters The mystery is, quite frankly, a sideline.I look forward to readingof her novels.

  10. Kris Kris says:

    Perhaps I am cynical, but I knew the reason for the murder from the first pages Waiting for everyone else to figure it out was nerve wracking to say the least THe subplot involving the minister s wife and her baby felt tacked on me, it served no real purpose except to jack up the tears quotient for the reader.

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