The Hag's Contract –

The Hag's Contract Ulrich Graben, a Brecht pirate king, led a small outlaw fleet from the Zweilunds to the icy, inhospitable lands at the mouth of the Krakennauricht There he ruthlessly carved out a kingdom for himself in the shadow of Drachenward

10 thoughts on “The Hag's Contract

  1. Eric O Eric O says:

    One of the worst books nobody s ever read It shares the distinction of being one of my three most hated novels of all time It s been many years since I read this, but the silliness of the entire story is burned into my memory The actual plot has nothing to do with what you read on the jacket, the hag is in it even less than her contract, and not a whole lot gets resolved by the end Maybe deadlin

  2. Lee Lee says:

    One of a handful of Birthright novels, released the same time as the game This one s in an area near the home of some of my players charcters Seemed like something that should be researched, then.Kinda blah, really.

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