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The Elven (The Saga of the Elven Book 1) Bernhard Hennen was born in Krefeld, Germany He studied archaeology, history, and German studies at Cologne University, and he traveled extensively while working as a journalist With Wolfgang Hohlbein, Hennen published his first novel, Das Jahr des Greifen, inSince then, his name has appeared on dozens of historical and fantasy novels as well as numerous short stories Hennen has also developed the storyline for a computer game, and he has worked as a swordsman for hire in medieval shows and as a Santa Claus mercenary In , the author returned to the city of his birth and lives there with his wife and childrenJames A Sullivan was born inin West Point, New York, and grew up in Germany During his studies in Cologne, he, together with Bernhard Hennen, became involved in the adventure of writing The Elven He continues this work, following Nuramon in a novel focused on the tragic fate of one of the most popular figures of German fantasy

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