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The Cure You are a criminal, Gemmaggressive, hostile, nonconforming We have noted tendencies toward diversity in your gait, in your dreams, and most especially in your repeated persistence in the Elder cleared his throat making music Branded a deviant and therefore a threat to the utopian society of Conformity, Harmony, and Tranquility that exists in the year , Gemmis given the choice between being recycled or undergoing a painful and mysterious cure Gemm chooses the cure, and suddenly finds himself living the life of Johannes, ayear old Jewish musician in starsbourg, Germany, in , at the onset of the Black Death As the pestilence spreads, the townspeople begin to accuse the Jews of causing the disease Surrounded by hatred and horror, Johannes struggles to hold on to his family and faith as well as his belief in the basic goodness of human beings But can he return to the future and become Gemm again after having known such emotions as paind love

10 thoughts on “The Cure

  1. Erin Erin says:

    This is a book to break your heart Based on true events it centers around a character in a rigid society where no one stands apart or is allowed to exhibit any emotion, physical, or unique traits of any kind All wear masks and are identified by a number very reminiscent of the concentration campsand fitting in nicely with the anti semitic themes of the book

  2. Arminzerella Arminzerella says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Gemm 16884 is about to turn sixteen the year where he and his twin, Gemma, make the Great Choice when he starts having strange dreams, thoughts, and feelings His behavior is determined to be deviant and he is taken away to be Cured or recycled killed The cure offered him is uniqu

  3. Amy Bailey Amy Bailey says:

    This is a very interesting read It is based on true events that many people may be unaware took place There are two elements a futuristic society in which people are forced into conformity Those who are shown to be deviant are recycled, a less horrifying way of saying put to death When Gemm is classified as deviant, he is able to make the choice to endure a t

  4. Aaliyah Alvarez Aaliyah Alvarez says:

    The Cure The book The Cure is an amazing interesting and mysterious book by Sonia Levitin,The main character in the story is well they didn t really say his name in the story but it is a boy.But he always has the same dream over and over,but if you like scary or like jump scares then I suggest this book for you.

  5. Aiyana Aiyana says:

    I m torn on how to rate this book, because it s really two books in one The outer story, the one that frames the book, is a future dystopia, and honestly, not a particularly novel one Differences have been outlawed so that everyone gets along, one person is born who can t fit in, yadda yadda nothing new here.But once we get away from this character s storyline

  6. Kent R. Kent R. says:

    In the year 2407, societal tranquillity is maintained by ample servings of serotonin drinks to the genetically engineered population and by careful monitoring to suppress all expressions of individuality or creativity When the boy Gemm 16884 somehow feels moved to make music, an extinguished art, he is given a choice between being recycled killed or sent into vi

  7. Rachel Davis Rachel Davis says:

    One of best books I have ever read A thought provoking, soul searching novel about diversity, creativity, tolerance, and love.

  8. mad mad says:

    Living While Jewish in the Middle Ages Caution Minor spoilers ahead It is The Year of Tranquility 2047, and humanity has eradicated violence, poverty, and bigotry at the expense of diversity and emotion If diversity begets hostility and passion begets evil, as the United Social Alliance Elders believe, then the only path to utopia is conformity Conformity begets H

  9. Kaitlyn Raich Kaitlyn Raich says:

    I haven t really read a book like this before It is basically two different stories in one and the way they are linked really is unique and thought provoking It highlights the inherent imperfections in a utopian society while also recalling just how awful human beings can be to those from different cultural backgrounds to their own As someone who gets drawn in to b

  10. Shelly Shelly says:

    I read this while teaching Robert Sharenow s Berlin Boxing Club to my group of 10th graders I didn t use this book in class, but I was definitely making connections while I was reading I picked this book up because I thought it would be mostly a futuristic sci fi novel with a bit of history thrown in, but the majority of the book takes place in the past I wish there

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