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The perfect companion to William J Bennett s number one bestseller The Book of Virtues, The Children s Book of Virtues is the ideal storybook for parents and children to enjoy together With selections from The Book of Virtues, from Aesop and Robert Frost to George Washington s life as well as Native American and African folklore, The Children s Book of Virtues brings together timeless stories and poems from around the world The stories have been chosen especially for a young audience to help parents introduce to their children the essentials of good character Courage, Perseverance, Responsibility, Work, Self discipline, Compassion, Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship Lavishly illustrated by the well known artist Michael Hague, these wonderful stories and the virtues they illustrate come to life on these pages The Children s Book of Virtues is an enduring treasury of literature and art that will help lead young minds toward what is noble and gentle and fine The Children's Book of Virtues

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Michael Hague was born in Southern California in 1948 His mother, Marie, emigrated from England just after World War II and settled in California where she met and married Riley Hague Michael is the eldest of three children His mother introduced him to the stories and art in the fairytale books she enjoyed herself as a child He attributes this and his mother s encouragement to pursue drawing while growing up, to his interest in becoming an illustrator.Michael Hague was influenced by a wide variety of artistic styles, ranging from the movies of the Disney Studios, to the oriental printmakers Hokusai and Hiroshige His mother banned comics from their house when Michael was a child, which of course made them all theattractive to the young artist Exploring this genre he discovered the work of the comic artists Hal Foster and Windsor McKay The artists from the Golden Age of Illustration such as Arthur Rackham, W Heath Robinson, Howard Pyle, and Dulac also influenced his work and he is an avid collector of their books and art His study of classical fine art contributed to his skills in drawing, painting and composition.Mr Hague describes his technique Once the subject is chosen, I start out with very small compositional sketches These small thumbnails are then enlarged to full sized sketches, where I develop the details of the picture From there I proceed to re create these initial sketches as finished pencil illustrations When these drawings are completed, I am ready to begin painting Today I have added a new tool to the painting process of my work, the computer Often I do the complete coloring process on the computer Other times I paint and then rework the piece on the computer It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I am still discovering new ways to paint and draw.About his work, Michael Hague says, I count myself as one of the most fortunate of beings For as an artist I have not only the pleasure but also the duty to daydream It is a part of my work I have been a contented daydreamer all of my life, often to the exasperation of those around me I have always wanted to be a book illustrator Books are what got me interested in the art field in the first place I try to infuse my illustrations with the same spirit that the author of the story produces in my imagination I strive to create something from an empty canvas that becomes a whole other world that people can visit for a while and totally believe in that s what is exciting to me as an artist It doesn t matter whether it is a Greek myth or an American legend, my approach is the same, to try and blend fantasy with realism.In 1980, the classic novel, Wind in the Willows with illustrations by Michael Hague, ushered in a new era in children s books During the following decades his artistic talents brought attention to this magnificent tale and other classics in children s literature Millions of children and adults re discovered these wonderful stories and delighted in the visions Michael created Mr Hague continues to work expanding his art to comics and graphic novels.Photo Copyright Adam Fedderly

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