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The Billionaire's Milkmaid #5 the final episode in The Billionaire s Milkmaid seriesA PROPOSAL FROM A MAN ON THE EDGE OF LIFEJessica couldn t believe her ears when Antonio proposed to her and then upped the ante Two men She could have both After her first threesome with James and Antonio, she came to see that it was possible with a future that exceeded her wildest dreamsUntil Antonio nearly diedA WOMAN CAUGHT BETWEEN LOVING TWO MENBrought back to life as she and James performed CPR, Antonio perched on the line between life and death as a medical team rushed in to find the naked threesome Treated by Antonio s doctor like some sort of pharmaceutical drug good only when Antonio needed it, Jessica shocks the medical staff who worked hard to save Antonio s life by breastfeeding him on the spot and then rescinding her marriage proposal acceptance, reclaiming her sense of self James attentions increased, making it harder to chooseDid she really need to CAN SHE HAVE BOTH, OR IS IT TOO LATE With Antonio on the brink of death and her milk ever precious for him, and for humanity it s a race against time to see how she can meet the needs of two men, take care of her daughter, and oh, yeah save the worldOne drop at a timeThis episode concludes The Billionaire s Milkmaid series Readers who have been with Jessica, Antonio, James, Sofia, Anne, and June have seen Jess go back to work as an abandoned wife and struggling working mother to a billionaire s mistress to a kidnapping victim and so much From prods to Sybians to a rotating restaurant glittering high above Manhattan, enjoy the conclusion as Jessica discovers she can t have it all but she can have way, way than she ever dreamed

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  1. Joanna R Joanna R says:

    Surprisingly good I read all the series The first one was free onso I thought I d give it a go I wasn t sure about the subject but it turned out to have a really good story line Jessica is a single mother who has returned to work after her husband has left her for the delivery nurse Her mum is helping her out with child care and she seems lonely

  2. Dee& Dee& says:

    The Billionaire s Milkmaid 1 5 which was surprisingly well written with loads of wit, suspense, sex and love The heroine, Jessica also the milkmaid has a unique DNA which combined the colostrum makes her a 3 in a billion catalyst for saving humanity from of the big C Cancer Yes, the hero, alpha male, Antonio is the billionaire who pays her a cool mil

  3. Sheila Sheila says:

    The emotional conclusion to the series I had a hard time dealing with the emotion and tears It was heart wrenching This is a bittersweet ending but probably the only way it could end I m glad I read the series Great characters.

  4. Pepsy Gold’s reading place& Pepsy Gold’s reading place& says:

    An enjoyable read.

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