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The Better Man In Anita Nair s Warm and Imaginative First novel, middle aged bachelor Mukundan returns to his native Indian village and is haunted by the past Determined to conquer old ghosts, Mukundan decides to restore his childhood home and hires One Screw Loose Bhasi, an outcast painter, to oversee the renovations A practitioner of a unique style of healing, Bhasi sets about mending his troubled friend, but the durability of Mukundan s transformation into a better man is soon called into question With humor, wisdom, and a keen understanding of human frailty, Anita Nair has written a playful and moving account of the redemptive power of friendship

10 thoughts on “The Better Man

  1. Manu Manu says:

    This is Anita Nair s first novel, and quite a good start I could identify with it quite a bit, probably because of the Kerala setting, and therefore the familiarity with the kind of characters that appear in the background.Having said that, the protagonist is quite a universal character Mukundan, a retired government official, retires to his village and his childhood home, no

  2. Harini Padmanabhan Harini Padmanabhan says:

    After ladies coupe, I picked up this book I enjoyed watching Kerala come alive in front of me as I read the book I could almost hear the monsoon and see the big imposing tharavadu and the paddy fields I could feel Mukundans fear, loneliness and understand his desires.The writer has taken a simple story of a man with numerous ghosts from his past finding himself and told it with su

  3. Shalini M Shalini M says:

    Overall a nice book, with beautiful descriptions of village life and people But I was not as captivated by it as I was with other books by her It was a little slow, and I didn t feel strongly for any of the characters contrasting against Mistress, where I could empathize with all of the four main characters.The story is skillfully woven around psychology of Mukundan, a man who is both

  4. Just another reader Just another reader says:

    The only aspect in this book that s worth an applause is the cover art But apparently there are different versions of the book cover since the book was published by many publishers I specifically liked the one which showcases an elderly man, shielding himself from rains with a feeble umbrella, keeping his face blissfully obscure Something in the body language of the man tells us that rain o

  5. Deepika Deepika says:

    It took me a surprisingly long time to finish this book This is my first tryst with Anita Nair and I loved the imagery created by her while describing even dreary things like the death of Bhasi s father who falls to his death while climbing a coconut tree For many years the tree had known the passion of his heave and thrust as he scaled it day after day.One morning , like a woman who had lost in

  6. Em*bedded-in-books* Em*bedded-in-books* says:

    One of the best books I ve read in the recent past I was engrossed in this book from the first page and could let go of the story only by the end This novel is much better than Ladies Coupe the much acclaimed book by the same author This is a slightly melancholic story of a confirmed bachelor who retires adn comes back to settle at his parental ancestral house in a small village in Kerala He meets va

  7. Susan Oleksiw Susan Oleksiw says:

    I admired the author s refusal to create a happy ending The protagonist, Mukundan, begins the struggle to recover his life and begin to create something worthwhile under the tutelage of a village house painter, but then stumbles when faced with deeper problems in his own character The depiction of life in an Indian village is vivid, the characters are distinct and quirky, the kind that develop in isolated

  8. Soni Achuthan Soni Achuthan says:

    A good read Actually started reading many months back Took a long time to read the first 150 pages After that, the narrative gainspace and I finished the remaining pages rather quickly The author has given attention to detail and carefully constructed each vital character as the story progressed This is my first Anita Nair book.

  9. Luaunna Luaunna says:

    Well written, complex but not so much so that it was hard to follow I fealt that the characters and situations were realistic I don t think the paranormal events were dealt with well, however I would recommend.

  10. Himani Gupta Himani Gupta says:

    The Better Man is the story of Mukundan, a fifty two year old retired government employee who returns back to his village Kaikurissi in North Kerela He is haunted by feelings of inadequacy as he tries to live up to the expectations of his harsh and domineering father and feelings of guilt about not saving his mother from the untenable position she finds herself in when his father takes up living with another woman just

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