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The Architect of Flowers Acclaimed for The Wasp Eater, his first collection of stories, Lychack focuses now on a fascinating range of human behavior With a fluency of tone and a gifted eye, he examines the dark and unfathomable moments in the most committed relationships the small distances that stretch into miles between generations and couples when long buried secrets tumble out into the light or the eccentricities that may label us as odd yet mark us as unique Capturing the bewilderment and tenderness in failed connections or missed moments, his characters stand vivid in their human frailty and we warm to them almost despite ourselves A lonely wife determined to gather her far flung family for a reunion invents the perfect lie to persuade them an old woman recalls how she once trained a black crow the art of thieving and the off duty small town cop on his last round of the evening who does a distressed family a great service when he summons the courage to shoot their gravely injured dogThese poignant tales reveal the subtleties in love and indifference or the strange, sad, breathtaking tricks of chance that can change a life in a second As Lychack moves among these characters with all their virtues and failings, he observes the inevitable disparity between their realities and their dreams even while investing their stories with wit, humility, and a large measure of grace That he succeeds so remarkably in transferring it all to the page is evidence of his prodigious talent

10 thoughts on “The Architect of Flowers

  1. David Abrams David Abrams says:

    Long after you have finished reading The Architect of Flowers and set it aside to move on to other books, the cadence of William Lychack s prose will continue to click like a metronome in your head You may forget the plots of these stories an old woman trains a crow to steal for her, a boy confronts memories of his father at his funeral , yo

  2. Lee Libro Lee Libro says:

    The publicists at Author Exposure provided me with a complimentary copy of William Lychack s short story collection, The Architect of Flowers Such a title drew up mystical visions expectations that the book might treat the reader to not just stories, but perhaps a brush with the Creator Himself While this might seem like a high expectation, the wr

  3. Danielle Danielle says:

    This book was not what I was expecting and I will admit I only got through two of the short stories before I said enough was enough Both stories that I read were not only just gross and unnecessary but pointless I was under the opinion this book was suppose to be about life and seeing into different aspects and lives of other people but so far all I hav

  4. Bonnie Brody Bonnie Brody says:

    William Lychack s stories in The Architect of Flowers are dreamlike and ethereal Each of them deals with a simple situation that could happen to any of us, yet there is something eerie and other worldly about each story All the stories are detailed reminiscences of something that happened and could be reinterpreted inthan one way In one story, a police office

  5. Julie Julie says:

    This is one of those collections I will probably return to later, because much of it was beautiful but much of its charm was lost on me, here in June 2011 If I pick it up again in a year, it might be my favorite book I don t know what pronouns ever did to this guy, but he really doesn t like to use them, and I guess the writers who praise him as poetic and lyrical

  6. Annie Annie says:

    I walked by the Discover New Writers shelf at B N and picked this up I m not usually very into new short stories, but I was nearly unable to put this down Lychack s style is so unique very terse but somehow he says a lot with very few words Gorgeous descriptions, lots of very odd and intriguing characters LOVED it I just got his novel The Wasp Eater in the mail a few day

  7. Joyce Joyce says:

    The book is called the Architect of Flowers,like funeral flowers Dark stories in Families sadness and dysfunctional people I hope all our secrets aren t this tragic..

  8. Susie Susie says:

    Reading this reminds me why I long to be an author The prose is pure synesthesialovely, melding every sense to each paragraph We can feel, taste, smell, imagine the sights and yet the stories themselves are not grand and meaningful Each compact story relates small moments and common idiosyncrasies that I could relate to, such as raising a brood of chicks that turn out to be all roos

  9. Eidalis Vaquedano Eidalis Vaquedano says:

    When I first saw this book at the store, I had only picked it up because I liked the title After I read the first few pages, I was glad I picked it up These short stories are all ones with such simple storylines and simple characters, yet there is something so captivating about William Lychack s writing He is able to describe things in almost a dream like detail In the story, Griswald , t

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I tried to get into this book, I really did All short story collections have some stories that are amazing and some that are lackluster unfortunately, I didn t find many in this book that engaged me and none were amazing Something about the author s style was a miss for me I found the third person narratives didn t engage me at all and enjoyed the first person stories much .

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