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The Analyst Happy fifty third birthday, Doctor Welcome to the first day of your death You ruined my life And now I fully intend to ruin yours You have exactly one fortnight, starting tomorrow morning atam to discover who I am When you succeed you must purchase one of those tiny ads at the bottom of the New York Times front page, and print my name there If you do not succeed, then you will take note that the second sheet of this letter contains the names of fifty two of your relatives If you are unable to purchase the ad as described, then you will have this choice kill yourself immediately or I will destroy one of these innocent people Until the moment he opens the letter, New York psychologist Dr Frederick Starks has led a quiet and, so he believes, blameless life He has no idea why he s being judged by this unknown tormentor a former patient who then lethally begins to demonstrate the potential of his, or her, threats As the layers of Starks s carefully constructed life are stripped from him, he quickly finds himself a powerless pawn in a psychopath s devious game of vengeance

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  1. Arah-Lynda Arah-Lynda says:

    Reading this took me back to the days of my youth Perhaps you remember those days The early days of marriage, young children, shaky foundations, isolated locations, a love of reading but limited choices Whatever, you paint the picture I remember reading a book and attempting to cook dinner at the same time Suddenly I became aware that my husband was

  2. José José says:

    Rese a en espa ol de El psicoanalista en el blog Click aqu This was the first Katzenbach book I read and it was really good I never heard of this author prior reading this novel but it was a birthday present and the premise looked really interesting a psychopath who calls himself Rumpelstiltskin, threats doctor Frederick Starks saying that he has to figur

  3. Andrea Andrea says:

    I scanned read through all the book It s supposed to be a thriller, but doesn t have any kind of thrill The author wasconcentrated falling in love with the main character rather than focusing on creating a good thriller plot It s this kinda of best seller that if you don t read them you save time And what s up with his thousands of analogies and literature quot

  4. Ryan Ryan says:

    Why the hell did I read this again No clue Wait, now I remember for the same reason anyone else did I was at an airport and wanted to read something less tiresome than the usual newspapers and magazines Before I finished the first sentence, I expected to leave this novel behind on the plane with the plastic headphones and Sky Mall catalog, never to be seen again Yet

  5. Fonch Fonch says:

    Ladies and gentlemen after writing the review of Dorothy Dunett s Game of Kings penetrated a negative dynamic of readings Dunett s book was followed by that of John Katzenbach Actually, this book I took out of the attic last year, but I didn t get a chance to read it, because the heathen knew a truth that Cronus was a relentless deity, and it was upon me The plot of the bo

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    This book was one of the most interesting reads I ve had the pleasure to experience The plot, details, scenery, descriptions, characters, surroundings, the smoothly developed plot, and the amazing complexity of it all were a definite masterpiece I kept reading, my eyes anxiously and nervously glued to the pages, expecting, and guessing, and guessing again, but things were never

  7. LJ LJ says:

    The Analyst ExJohn KatzenbachNew York City psychoanalyst Frederick Ricky Starks receives an anonymous missive saying that Starks has ruined the writer s life and that he has ten days in which to discover his or her identity If he fails, he must commit suicide if he does not comply with this order, someone in his family will suffer or die At first Ricky is disoriented and unable to fun

  8. Monica Monica says:

    Complex, thrilling, especially in the second part A bit predictable at the end, but a lovely reading if you like the genre Very vivid, though with a lot of introspection, I would definitely watch an adaptation of it What is interesting initially you don t like the victim at all At all D But enough with the details, go and read it.

  9. Fernando Fernando says:

    What the therapy brings, at its best, is a new way of looking at who one is, and allowing that new definition of one s life to influence the decisions and choices that come with the future At best then those moments are not crippled by the events of the past, and the selections made are oddly relieved of the debts everyone owes to their own upbringing.

  10. Nea Nea says:

    This book was okay Unfortunately, there were a few stereotypes that didn t sit well with me and I was completely irritated by some of the unrealistic choices of the main character.Nonetheless, The Analyst offersthan a few thrilling moments but I prefer something a littlebelievable from the beginning.

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