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The American Congress Reader The American Congress Reader provides a supplement to the popular and newly updated American Congress undergraduate textbook By the same authors who drew upon Capitol Hill experience and nationally recognized scholarship to present a crisp introduction and analysis of Congress s inner mechanics, the Reader compiles the best relevant scholarship on party and committee systems, leadership, voting, and floor activity to broaden and illuminate the key features of the text

About the Author: Steven S. Smith

Steven Stanley Smith is the Kate M Gregg Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences, and Professor of Political Science, at Washington University in St Louis, and Director of the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy.

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  1. Steven Peterson Steven Peterson says:

    Back in graduate school many years ago a couple of the most useful textbooks for me were edited volumes, with a collection of important articles on the US House of Representatives and the US Senate I used those books as a resource for quite awhile as a teacher This edited volume is also a fine contribution, pulling works together covering a large array of resources I

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