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Tender Points Tender Points is a narrative fractured by trauma Named after the diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia, the book length lyric essay explores sexual violence, gendered illness, chronic pain, and patriarchy through the lenses of lived experience and pop culture Twin Peaks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, noise music, etc Teaching Guide or Book Club Guide here bit aqJVX

10 thoughts on “Tender Points

  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    A beautiful and plainly written book length essay about living with and writing about fibromyalgia, trauma, being a survivor, andSide note I can t help but feel a kinship with any writer who mentions riot grrrl in a book on any topic Many passages stood out to me,

  2. Mike Mike says:

    On Friday I went to Skylight Books to see Maggie Nelson read from her masterpiece edit one of her masterpieces The Argonauts, and she gave a sterling endorsement for the writer that was following her, a young woman named Amy Berkowitz I didn t gather that Maggie Nelson

  3. Bobbieshiann Bobbieshiann says:

    i m 31 but i feel like i m 60 people in my life may think i am exaggerating but i am always in pain every morning i wake up feeling like i was run over by a truck i feel like i ve been hit by a bus i wake up stiff like a coyote with rheumatism i wake up in the woods on a bed

  4. Victoria Carney Victoria Carney says:

    So good A very beautiful and poetic telling of life with chronic illness Fibromyalgia and a traumatic event rape This hit home in a lot of ways and was such a quick read everyone should read it Thewe read, thewe understand.

  5. Brianna Brianna says:

    People in my life may think I am exaggerating but I am always in pain Every morning I wake up feeling like I was run over by a truck I feel like I ve been hit by a bus I wake up stiff like a coyote with rheumatism I wake up in the woods on a bed of dried moss I have a doctor I have a wol

  6. rosamund rosamund says:

    I reread this while I had a migraine, and found it so compelling I changed my rating from three stars to five I found the short pieces moving, and while I was in a place of pain, reading them was very cathartic This time round, I appreciated Berkowitz s brevity and her clarity In 2018 I said T

  7. Sonia Sonia says:

    This was quite possibly the best and most resonant book I ve ever read about chronic illness I have a lot of thoughts about it but I m not sure I can articulate them right now, but I will just say it was very empowering, as someone who s struggled with chronic illness that has enormously impacted my

  8. Carmelo Valone Carmelo Valone says:

    A poetic and meaningful interpretation of the culture of living with chronic pain, ptsd, and fibromyalgia As a sufferer myself, it s a beautifully written memoir as the world has been flooded with how to deal with books, it s just lovely to read that someone, somewhere elese in this world is being honest

  9. Allison Allison says:

    So well written Anyone interested in fibromyalgia, rape culture and lyric essays should read this.

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is a very intense, poetic short memoir The author has fibromaylgia and I picked it up because I m intrigued and perplexed by some of these diseases that are hidden as she calls them I ll admit I grapple with thoughts related to something like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome fighting the urge to dismiss it as not a real

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