Free Best Table Fables: A collection of tables for the weary game masterAuthor Madeline Hale –

Do you play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or some other obscure brand of fantasy tabletop role playing game Do you enjoy lists of magical items, fantastical weapons, dubious potions and fascinating books Do you tire of your players asking difficult questions such as what is in the dead guy s pocket or what is on this tavern s menu or other such wearisome inquiries concerning details you had no time to prepare for Well, then this is the book for you Table Fables is filled over eighty illustrated pages of tables and generators designed to be useful to all DMs, old and new alike Table Fables: A collection of tables for the weary game master

About the Author: Madeline Hale

Madeline Hale is an artist, illustrator and author from deep in the sandy Michigan forests She is currently traveling around the United States in an RV where she spends most of her time playing video games, drawing and baking coconut macaroons She has two dogs,allergies than you can imagine, and an unhealthy attachment to her PS4 She also doesn t like writing about herself in third person very much.

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