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Suzy's Case When Henry Benson, a high profile criminal lawyer known for his unsavory clients, recruits Tug to take over a multimillion dollar lawsuit representing a tragically brain injured child, his instructions are clear get us out of it there is no case Yet the moment Tug meets the disabled but gallant little Suzy and her beautiful, resourceful mother June, all bets are off When his passionate commitment to Suzy s case thrusts him into a surreal, often violent sideshow, the ensuing danger only sharpens his obsession with learning what really happened to Suzy in a Brooklyn hospital Did she suffer from an unpreventable complication from her sickle cell crisis that caused her devastating brain injury Or, did something else happen

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  1. L.A. L.A. says:

    Article first published as Book Review Suzy s Case by Andy Siegel on Blogcritics.So many illnesses these days target the young Many live a life that has no resemblance to that of most children

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Poor Suzy She is in the hospital fighting her body She has sickle cell disease It is where the sickle cells break apart and die, leaving the person with a shortage of red blood cells Suzy s mot

  3. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    Originally posted at in a quick, conversational style, Suzy s Case is engaging and unpredictable The main character, Tug Wyler, is an attorney but hardly your garden variety type In Suzy s Case

  4. Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) says:

    This book sounded sort of interesting but I wasn t really sure if I would like it or not but I decided to take a chance when asked to review it It was surprising entertaining and witty, so I am g

  5. Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews) Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews) says:

    You may also read my review here Wyler is a personal injury lawyer who has taken on cases for a high powered criminal attorney, Henry Benson The problem is, part of the deal with taking these case

  6. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    At one time I thought I might go to law school its what humanities majors did If I did go, I was sure I d do personal injury law it seemed like a way to write some wrongs and do some good for some

  7. Roberta Roberta says:

    The pivotal event of SUZY S CASE is presented with prologue in a simple, yet heart wrenching manner Suzy is a sweet, precocious sickle cell anemia patient who suddenly takes a turn for the worse In

  8. Wendy Hines Wendy Hines says:

    Suzy s Case is the debut thriller by Andy Siegel, but it is so muchLittle Suzy has sickle cell anemia, which is bad enough Then one day in the hospital something happens and now she s brain damaged a

  9. Dee Dee says:

    This was an interesting and entertaining read It s the first mystery I ever read about a personal injury and malpractice attorney Tug, the attorney, is quite a character and his marriage is quite ente

  10. Bonnie Dewkett Bonnie Dewkett says:

    This book COULD have been a run of the mill legal drama Instead it is a unique drama that pulls you in and takes you for a ride The book is based on a medical malpractice case but don t let that fool y

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