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Surface Tension After witnessing an act of domestic terrorism while training on his bike, Jake is found near death, with a serious head injury and unable to remember the plane crash or the aftermath that landed him in the hospitalA terrorist leader s teenage daughter, Betsy, is sent to kill Jake and eliminate him as a possible witness When Jake s mother blames his head injury for his tales of attempted murder, he has to rely on his girlfriend, Laurissa, to help him escape the killers and the law enforcement agents convinced that Jake himself had a role in the crashMike Mullin, author of the Ashfall series, delivers a gripping story with memorable characters and all too real scenarios

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  1. karen karen says:

    paperback release for this book is MAY 21, and there s A GIVEAWAY FOR IT RIGHT NOW BE A WINNER MULLIN HAS A NEW SERIES although this book has ZERO supervolcanoes, it is in many respects similar to his superb Ashfall series WHEN IS BOOK FOUR COMING OUT, MIKE MULLIN , particularly in the way he writes his characters they feel familiar in the best w

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    If the spirit of young adults facing unbelievable odds is something that draws you in, Mike Mullin s SURFACE TENSION is exactly what you need Geared to a young adult audience, the main character, Jake and his girlfriend, Laurissa are average teens who become incredible survivors against all odds Even the anti heroine, Betsy is a great character, espec

  3. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    Long distance high school aged Jake is doing his usual long distance riding exercise when he stumbles into a weird scenario on a deserted road, passing a bunch of semi trucks giving off a nasty smell After an explosion, he finds himself not rescued, but captured by guys who apparently want to kill him.He manages to escape from a moving truck When he wakens

  4. Josiah Josiah says:

    Mike Mullin s Ashfall is a good trilogy if less electrifying than some post apocalypse novels but Surface Tension is so intense it triggers a visceral stress response in the reader as seventeen year old Jake Solley navigates the Kafkaesque distortion his life has become The narrative takes nearly two hundred pages to get going, but once it does, watch out Jake

  5. Skip Skip says:

    A high action suspense thriller about a 17 year old boy, Jake, whose passions are competitive bike riding and his black girlfriend, Laurissa While out riding, he witnesses a domestic terror attack and is nearly killed Due to his traumatic brain injury, he cannot remember what happens and then several attempts are made on his life, which are not believed He becomes a

  6. Bea Bea says:

    I love Mullin s Ashfall series and I was intrigued when I heard he was writing a thriller I was curious to see how Mullins handled a thriller and he didn t disappoint Surface Tension was a wild ride, fast paced and high on action Surface Tension starts with a bang and never lets up Jake is a high school student and a serious cyclist While out training for a bike race, he

  7. Margaret Boling Margaret Boling says:

    10 31 2017 Jake is a bike rider training to become a member of the USA cycling team He sees a group of people crashing a plane from the ground and they want him dead.The book has a strong supporting cast of Jake s girl friend, Laurissa, and the alternate narrator, Betsy They are all everyday kids thrust into a life and death situation, and their story helps us see how we can

  8. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    ARC from KidlitconJake is out on a long, early morning bike ride when he slams into the door of a tanker truck and is knocked unconscious He wakes up in the hospital not remembering too many details about his life, so when a girl in a hijab enters his room, he believes she might be his girlfriend Laurissa until she tries to kill him His mother thinks he is hallucinating, and asthr

  9. Kelly Hager Kelly Hager says:

    The synopsis refers to this as a gripping story, but I m pretty sure that s one of the biggest understatements I ve ever seen This book is insane It s definitely unbelievable but at the same time, this would be a fantastic TV show I would normally say movie, but there s too much It would have to be, like, four hours long The story is mostly told from Jake s perspective, with occasional

  10. Kim Kim says:

    I was SO excited to enter a new world created by Mike Mullin His Ashfall series ranks among my all time favorites and is on a shortlist of books I have reread multiple times When an ARC came my way, I dropped what I was reading and started on it right away Unfortunately this book didn t strike a chord for me I understand that some stories come with a heavy dose of suspension of belief, but

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