Prime Succulent Semen (Life Savored) –

Succulent Semen (Life Savored) Making men cum and eating it for them is constantly on my mind though I admit it wasn t always like that I ve always loved to make men cum but never wanted to eat it Over the years I ve developed a strong powerful lust for it and its unique taste, texture, and scent I am in love with eating semen The entire experience from beginning to end, though very short in real time, is exquisitely delicious and so very erotic Calmly tonguing and catching his sizzling orgasm as it pours and spurts from his beautiful erection is an absolute addiction of mine that seemingly cannot be quenched Cum is an amazing life giving miracle that I can only get when a man is at the height of pleasure That is so beautifulhow could i not want to lovingly eat that every single time Inwords I describe to you how I got to where I am todayhow i have grown to love eating semenand how it has re shaped my life and my relationships Four beautiful loads were eaten in this storyin stunning detail

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