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Annadel, West Virginia, was a small town rich in coal, farms, and close knit families, all destroyed when the coal company came in It stole everything it hadn t bothered to buy land deeds, private homes, and ultimately, the souls of its men and womenIn , an army of , unemployed pro union coal miners took up arms and threatened to overthrow the governments of two West Virginia counties They were greeted by US Army airplanes, bombs, and poison gas This book recounts the real story of what happened and where it all went wrongFour people tell this powerful, deeply moving tale Activist Mayor C J Marcum Fierce, loveless union man Rondal Lloyd Gutsy nurse Carrie Bishop, who loved Rondal And lonely, Sicilian immigrant Rosa Angelelli, who lost four sons to the deadly mines They all bear witness to nearly forgotten events of history, culminating in the final, tragic Battle of Blair Mountain the first crucial battle of a war that has yet to be won Storming Heaven

About the Author: Denise Giardina

Often labelled an Appalachian writer, or a historical novelist, Denise Giardina describes herself as a theological writer, exploring fundamental issues of faith and belief through literary characters.Born and raised in the West Virginia coalfields, Giardina is an ordained Episcopal Church deacon, a community activist and a former candidate for the WV state governorship.Her novels, fictionalizing historical characters and events, have been critically acclaimed and recognised with a number of literary prizes.

10 thoughts on “Storming Heaven

  1. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I enjoyed this book very, very much It is a love story and it is a book of historical fiction that closely follows the growth of the union s at the coal mines in southwestern West Virginia The events culminate in 1920 with the Battle of Blair Mountain when the United States Army fought 10,000 unemployed pro union miners with airplanes, bombs and poison gas Here is a link detailing this I advise tha

  2. Werner Werner says:

    The Giardina novel I reviewed earlier, The Unquiet Earth, is actually a sequel to this one, which covers the years 1890 1922 Both books share the same problem of over use of bad language which cost this one a fifth star but this book does not have several of the other objectionable elements of the second one, and the eye opening indictment of social injustice here is evenpowerful.This is a fictionaliz

  3. Margaret Margaret says:

    I expected to hate this book But it shook me up It was good.I want to be Carrie BishopPage 119 How come you aint married he asked I just aint found the right man, I answered, shamed to tell him that I feared no one would want me, that in my three years of school no one had come courting You look to me like you re too independent, he said You wouldnt take to a man bossing you around The way he said it did

  4. Lisa N Lisa N says:

    This is a fictitious account of the 1921 WV coal strike and the Battle of Blair Mountain The coal operators had a system of extreme exploitation They basically went in and stole all of the land from the citizens in the first place, claiming mineral rights and forcing them to sign their land over The displaced landowners had few choices but to work in the mines The coal companies provided substandard company

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    Just finished reading this for the second time and teaching it to my freshman comp class It is the common book this year at the college where I teach I loved it when I read it 10 years ago for an Appalachian literature class, and loved it probablythis time The story is told from four different points of view, all of which mesh into a lovely tapestry The book s themes are just as important as ever the bloody hi

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    This is a powerful book by an author who knows in her bones about the suffering and conflicts that have been such a deep part of the history of West Virginia But it is muchthan a regional story especially now, as struggles over carbon, fossil fuels, and extremes of wealth and poverty play out on a global scale with the stakes increasingly high I started thinkingabout coal after hearing miners testifying on behalf

  7. Rachel Willis Rachel Willis says:

    A fascinating, fictional, account of the Battle of Blair Mountain It led me down many rabbit holes researching the background Excellent novel about an infamous time in US history My only real criticism is the inclusion of chapters from Rosa s POV They are unnecessary to the story and even weigh it down as they feel so out of place It s disappointing, really, as the voice of an immigrant would be welcome.

  8. Isaac Brady Isaac Brady says:

    The first novel I have read in 4 1 2 years Was a good run.

  9. Donna Hopper Donna Hopper says:

    My grandmother told me that the coal company stole our family s land, but she wasn t sure how it was done I found out how in the first few pages of Storming Heaven This book speaks to me through my DNA My family lived through this shameful time in American History Like the characters in Ms Giardina s Storming Heaven, my folks became slaves to the company living in company houses, working in hellish conditions, always owin

  10. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Storming Heaven is a work of historical fiction depicting the formation of the coal miner s union in early 20th century West Virginia Giardina presents each chapter with the perspective of various characters, including a coal miner, a union activist, a nurse and an immigrant Because of the style of narrative, the language of these people really comes across and it does take a while to read the Appalachian dialect comfortabl

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