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Stories Old and New: A Ming Dynasty Collection Stories Old and New is the first complete translation of Feng Menglong s Gujin xiaoshuo also known as Yushi mingyan, Illustrious Words to Instruct the World , a collection ofshort stories first published inin China This is considered the best of Feng s three such collections and was a pivotal work in the development of vernacular fiction The stories are valuable as examples of early fiction and for their detailed depiction of daily life among a broad range of social classes The stories are populated by scholars and courtesans, spirits and ghosts, Buddhist monks and nuns, pirates and emperors, and officials both virtuous and corrupt The streets and abodes of late Ming China come alive in Shuhui Yang and Yunqin Yang s smooth and colorful translation of these entertaining talesStories Old and New has long been popular in China and has been published there in numerous editions Although some of the stories have appeared in English translations in journals and anthologies, they have not previously been presented sequentially in thematic pairs as arranged by Feng Menglong This unabridged translation, illustrated with a selection of woodcuts from the original Ming dynasty edition and including Feng s interlinear notes and marginal comments, as well as all of the verse woven throughout the text, allows the modern reader to experience the text as did its first audience nearly four centuries ago

10 thoughts on “Stories Old and New: A Ming Dynasty Collection

  1. Mel Mel says:

    A full translation of Feng Menglong s San Yan is totally unbelievable This is the first volume of 40 stories and 794 pages long I started reading it back in November but had to stop reading it when I hurt my wrist as it was too big and heavy to hold I finished up the remaining stories this week I totally loved this book The stories are bril

  2. Helmut Helmut says:

    Klare Worte, um die Welt zu erhellenDer Freund, der viele Lebensjahre f r seinen gefangenen Freund hingibt die Zusammenf hrung einer Ehe ber vier Ecken und viele Verwirrungen der Weg eines Taoisten hin zur Unsterblichkeit entgegen den Machenschaften vieler d monischer Feinde Dies sind einige der Themen der Geschichten, die Feng Menglong in der Mi

  3. Christopher Christopher says:

    The forty stories in this collection are thematically paired, and each typically begins with a poem and a sort of prologue story before launching into the main narrative The prologue story often ends abruptly, leaving the reader wanting , where the main narrative is sometimes a bit overwritten Many of them sort of washed over me without leaving a stron

  4. Justin Newland Justin Newland says:

    Yup, a fascinating read A great introduction to the beliefs and culture of the Chinese in the Ming Dynasty I was particularly interested in the social s and the keen Chinese belief in the supernatural, both of which are amply represented in these unusual stories.

  5. Johanna Johanna says:

    I think this is the first book that exposed me to smut stories

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