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Songs of Willow Frost From Jamie Ford, the New York Times bestselling author of the beloved Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, comes a much anticipated second novel Set against the backdrop of Depression era Seattle, Songs of Willow Frost is a powerful tale of two souls a boy with dreams for his future and a woman escaping her haunted past both seeking love, hope, and forgiveness Twelve year old William Eng, a Chinese American boy, has lived at Seattle s Sacred Heart Orphanage ever since his mother s listless body was carried away from their small apartment five years ago On his birthday or rather, the day the nuns designate as his birthday William and the other orphans are taken to the historical Moore Theatre, where William glimpses an actress on the silver screen who goes by the name of Willow Frost Struck by her features, William is convinced that the movie star is his mother, Liu Song Determined to find Willow and prove that his mother is still alive, William escapes from Sacred Heart with his friend Charlotte The pair navigate the streets of Seattle, where they must not only survive but confront the mysteries of William s past and his connection to the exotic film star The story of Willow Frost, however, is far complicated than the Hollywood fantasy William sees onscreen Shifting between the Great Depression and the s, Songs of Willow Frost takes readers on an emotional journey of discovery Jamie Ford s sweeping novel will resonate with anyone who has ever longed for the comforts of family and a place to call home

10 thoughts on “Songs of Willow Frost

  1. Fiona Leonard Fiona Leonard says:

    Books are made to be read from front to back, I get that, but can I just ask you to do me a favour When you buy Songs of Willow Frost and buy it you should turn to the Author s Note Read this first, then, and only then, should you return to the first page.I make this demand because Songs of Willow Frost deserves to be read in context Set in Depression era Seattle,

  2. Robert Robert says:

    Worthless, spineless, gutless, emotionless, insignificant, cowardly evil bastards filled this novel to the point that my world overflowed with a god awful stench that smelled worse than elephant dung and monkey poo and singed every last nose hair This tale burst forth with enough villains to occupy an entire wing of the county jail and had a few folks that might need to

  3. ☮Karen ☮Karen says:

    I just loved Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Now I won an ARC of Songs of Willow Frost, but did not find it as engaging as the first Let me first say that there is a good book lying beneath the surface here However, the writing felt inconsistent to me, alternating from seemingly effortless and tidy, to some very choppy, awkward sentences and flow The author seemed to

  4. Dianne Dianne says:

    Disappointing, soap opera y tale of an orphaned 12 year old boy, William Eng, trying to reunite with the mother who abandoned him at the Sacred Heart Orphanage in 1934 Seattle The characters are one dimensional and cartoonish the bad people are so very, very BAD and the good people are long suffering, heroic and wise beyond their years William and his friend Charlotte talk and act

  5. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    I think I expectedfrom this novelist Which probably is not fair, because this was a good book in its own way I just never quite connected with the characters as much as I wished, felt almost a remove from them The story was okay but at times seemed forced and the dialogue just didn t flow The main bones of the story is fascinating I did feel for all the little children abandoned to the n

  6. Ladyslott Ladyslott says:

    I loved Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, so I was looking forward to Jamie Ford s new book However I was disappointed in Songs of Willow Frost It s 1934 and William Eng is living in Sacred Heart Orphanage in Seattle He has been there since his mother died 5 years earlier When William sees a movie starring Willow Frost he is convinced that the actress is his mother, so he sets out to fi

  7. Camie Camie says:

    Set in the depression era in Seattle this is a heartbreaking tale of a 12 year old Chinese boy William ,who lives in the Sacred Heart Academy orphanage ,wondering why he is there, and his mother who is desperately trying to escape her past and the reasons she is not able to raise her son Throughout this book I was a little disappointed with the way William s mother Liu Song seemed to accept the horr

  8. Marcy prager Marcy prager says:

    I LOVED this book by Jamie Ford, the author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet William is an orphan at Seattle s Sacred Heart Orphanage He is the only Chinese child at the orphanage No one would adopt a Chinese child He continued to wonder why he was abandoned and left to stay in an orphanage where the porridge was gruel and the nuns strict and uncaring William s friend was a girl named Charlotte

  9. Jennifer Stephens Jennifer Stephens says:

    One of the best aspects of being a book reviewer is the exposure to authors with whom I was not previously familiar Instead of choosing books to read through my normal method perusing the shelves at Barnes and Noble and admittedly judging by the covers I m voluntarily reading pretty much every book that comes my way via publishers seeking feedback This weekend I started and finished Songs of Willow Frost by Jam

  10. Pamela Pamela says:

    Utterly and totally, depressing Oh, such dismal melodrama madness A far cry from the praiseworthy excellence of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet And certainly not the best book to have read right before Mother s Day Egad Except for young Will, and his blossoming friendship with Charlotte, there wasn t much joy to be found and even that glimmer of brightness was dashed horridly to pieces mid book What on earth

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