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Solea The Marseilles trilogy, featuring ex cop Fabio Montale, is a classic of European crime fiction Its publication was the catalyst for the foundation of an entire literary movement, Mediterranean noir, and made its author an overnight celebrity Europa is Proud to reissue the entire trilogy this summer in new editions that have a fresh look and feature an introduction by the reigning king of Mediterranean noir , Massimo Carlotto

10 thoughts on “Solea

  1. Patrick Brown Patrick Brown says:

    I think I might have benefited from reading the first two books in the series first This starts in media res, and while it wasn t hard to figure out the characters, there were lots of references to deceased characters that didn t resonate a lot with me Still, lots of good stuff here, in particular the mood and vibe of the book, which was beautiful and menacing at the same time.Also a

  2. Paula Koneazny Paula Koneazny says:

    Solea is as Noir as they come, although I make that claim as one who reads only occasionally in the genre Reportedly, despite pressure from Gallimard, his publisher, Izzo rejected the idea of continuing his Marseilles Trilogy beyond Solea a Miles Davis tune appreciated by Fabio Montale, the existentially doomed protagonist anti hero of the series In this final novel, Izzo dispenses with s

  3. Manny Manny says:

    He has some hot information that the Mob would really like to get hold of When he refuses to tell them, they start killing all the people he cares about in reverse chronological order, beginning with the woman he met in the bar last night and working backwards Makes your average noir look light gray.

  4. Maddy Maddy says:

    PROTAGONIST Fabio MontaleSETTING Marseilles, FranceSERIES 3 of 3RATING 4.25Babette Bellini is a journalist and activist who has written a daring and comprehensive expose of the Mafia and its activities in France Its publication could spell the ruin of many important figures in government and private industry As a result, Bellini is desperately fleeing for her life while trying to protect her master

  5. Christine Mathieu Christine Mathieu says:

    Fantastic This is the last volume of Jean Claude Izzo s Marseille trilogy and it is as excellent as the first and second book.His writing style is also known as French noir.Each book describes Fabio Montale s life in Marseille and in Les Goudes Calanques as a cop in vol 3 he retired from the police and now lives mostly in Les Goudes and how Montale is forced to deal with corruption, hitman from the Mafi

  6. Matthew Bishop Matthew Bishop says:

    This was a great finale to Izzo s trilogy I absolutely loved this book He has bought us an unforgettable character in Montale, some fantastic support characters and an insight to real life in Marseille.The introduction of the Mafia into the Mediterranean underworld in this novel bought a cold and dark edge to it,murderous than the other 2 stories and a wonderful noir ending I almost read the book so quickly

  7. Ed Ed says:

    I have no idea how to process what i just read.Shorter andsimple than the two previous novels, this final radical chapter of the trilogy close Fabio Montal s story with the themes that worked so well in Total Kheops and Chourmo Great, deep and dark characters , very political crime stories and Marseille Marseille my home town, that i rediscovered and fell in love again because of Izzo s immersive writing Not one

  8. Jim Leckband Jim Leckband says:

    Like a literary version of D.O.A the classic film noir of a guy investigating his own murder and just as bleak The previous two books in the Marseilles trilogy were noir but they had flashes of hope or at least an understanding with life in all its crap The hope is gone in this one where an investigative reporter on the Mafia is on the run and bodies are accumulating Fabio Montale is again in the middle of it and ther

  9. Jack Hrkach Jack Hrkach says:

    I finished this just as I arrived in Marseille no details to speak of, just to remind you again if you read my reviews of the first two books If you like noir, read this trilogy For me it just got better and better oh, and brace yourselves I wasn t sure how this was going to end, butjust brace yourselves.And maybe play Miles Davis s Sketches of Spain This book is named Solea for one of the cuts on that great album.Jean Cla

  10. Mary Crawford Mary Crawford says:

    This is the final book in the trilogy written by Izzo Fabio finds himself in a difficult situation when an ex girlfriend asks him for help She has complied a dossier on the Mafia and they want it As Fabio begins to help her the Mafia come after him and begin killing those close to him Marseilles is suffering from economic decline and the descriptions of how immigrants attempt to survive is gripping Music and food entice the rea

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