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Sociologie de l'organisation et de l'entreprise Sociology explains the social phenomena which must be taken into account when searching for new forces with which to organize tomorrow s business firms Renaud Sainsaulieu deals with the social problems of the development of contemporary firms, using Systems and cultural analysis and organizational theory He discusses the rational bases of organization, the opening up for power Systems, the identification of new actors, the effects of cultural apprenticeship in the work place, the processes of transformation and the traditional structures Making use of many classic investigations, the author assembles the theoretical and methodological l ments of a genuine sociology of creativity in the firmRenaud Sainsaulieu , docteur d Etat s lettres et sciences humaines, professeur des Universit s Sciences Po, a dirig le Centre d tudes sociologiques du CNRS, fond le Laboratoire de sociologie du changement des institutions et cofond l Association professionnelle des sociologues d entreprise

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