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Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fiction and Illusions In the deft hands of Neil Gaiman, magic is no mere illusion and anything is possible In this, Gaiman s first book of short stories, his imagination and supreme artistry transform a mundane world into a place of terrible wonders a place where an old woman can purchase the Holy Grail at a thrift store, where assassins advertise their services in the Yellow Pages under Pest Control, and where a frightened young boy must barter for his life with a mean spirited troll living beneath a bridge by the railroad tracks Explore a new reality obscured by smoke and darkness, yet brilliantly tangible in this extraordinary collection of short works by a master prestidigitator It will dazzle your senses, touch your heart, and haunt your dreams

About the Author: Neil Gaiman

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fiction and Illusions book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fiction and Illusions

  1. Kevin Kuhn Kevin Kuhn says:

    Gaiman is literary bacon short stories, young adult, fantasy, adult fiction he s good in anything Smoke and Mirrors is a collection of 30 or so short stories They run the gamut from sci fi to very short parables to fantasy to magical realism It s not h

  2. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    I keep saying, oneNeil Gaiman book and I ll figure out what the big deal is Spoiler, I haven t yet Though, I did enjoy some of these stories indicated by a There s farthat weren t enjoyable.Introduction PLEASE skip this is so, so long It s a short story in and

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Smoke and Mirrors is the first of two short story collections written by Neil Gaiman This title was first published in 1998, while Fragile Things came out in 2006 Having read Fragile Things mere months ago I was doing quite a bit of comparison between the two as I worke

  4. Jc Jc says:

    This collection of short works, some not quite complete, is maybe a must read for real Gaiman fans who read everything he does 4 stars for them , but not really for anyone else only 1 star for the general audience And I say that as one of those fans I really like what Gaiman doe

  5. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    Initially read in 1999 or thereabouts Not reviewed at the time.Upon re reading The Goldfish Pond and Other Stories by Neil GaimanI m usually not that interested in the whole glamour of Hollywood theme, but this is probably the best commentary on it I ve ever read Clearly partially autobi

  6. Amanda NEVER MANDY Amanda NEVER MANDY says:

    Apparently I am not a fan of his short stories, they are bad I gave his other short story collection book three stars and that was being kind This one is getting two because I am all out of kindness.A better review to comeHere is my attempt at a better review Normally I would delete the prereview

  7. Abbie | ab_reads Abbie | ab_reads says:

    2.5 stars, a few gems but way too many narrative poems and meh stories.

  8. April April says:

    Bearing in mind I read this on my kindle, so some stories weren t included in the version I read Also this is hella long. All ratings including notes indicates favouriteThe Wedding Present Yes, I religiously read introductions 4 In which a picturesque couple are given a quaint wedding present that seems to be a re

  9. Petergiaquinta Petergiaquinta says:

    A guilty pleasure, sure, but with Ray Bradbury s death, I d suggest that Neil Gaiman is the best storyteller we have today.Consider the words of Harry Bailly he of the Tabard Inn, not George s brother And which of yow that bereth hym best of alle That is to seyn that telleth in this caas Tales of best sentence and moost so

  10. Lucy Banks Lucy Banks says:

    A little disappointing, though with some flourishes of fabulousness.I m a huge Neil Gaiman fan So much so, I cite him as one of the authors that made me want to write Most of his books are fantastically imaginative, exciting and wonderfully plotted, and a couple of them rank among my all time favourite books As a result, I launched

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