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Sirius Es ist ein au ergew hnlicher Zeitzeuge, der das d sterste Kapitel der deutschen Geschichte hautnah erlebt der Foxterrier Sirius, hineingeboren ins Berlin des Jahres 1938 Mit der j dischen Familie Liliencron begibt er sich auf eine Reise ins Ungewisse und schl gt dem Schicksal ein Schnippchen.Am Anfang ist das Ende schon nahe Dem renommierten Planktonforscher Carl Liliencron werden Titel und Anstellung genommen und er fl chtet nach den Novemberpogromen mit seiner Familie ins Exil nach Hollywood W hrend er sich als Chauffeur durchschl gt und hadert, nimmt Sirius sein Schicksal mit der melancholischen Heiterkeit, die nur klugen Foxterriern zu eigen ist, selbst in die Hand, und das Leben eilt ihm dabei zu Hilfe Er wird als Filmhund zum gefeierten Star, trifft jede Menge Prominenz von Rita Hayworth, Billy Wilder und John Wayne bis zu Marlene Dietrich und Cary Grant Als Attraktion bei der gr ten Show der Welt, mit der der Circus Barnum durchs Land zieht, geht er in der Zeitmaschine des Zauberers Manzini verloren und findet sich mitten im Krieg in Berlin wieder Und hier hat er die Chance, ins Weltgeschehen einzugreifen, denn er wird zum Scho hund Adolf Hitlers im F hrerhauptquartier und zum Informant f r den Widerstand. Loved this book What a great little dog I really enjoyed the Hollywood scenes. 4.5 starsSirius aka Hercules, Levi and Hansi leads a very exciting life This fox terrier starts out life as Levi, living in Berlin with a Jewish family in the 1930s As tensions escalate in Germany during that time period especially for Jewish people, Levi, who is renamed Sirius by his owners to combat the anti Semitism in Germany, escapes with his family to Los Angeles Accompanying his owner Carl to work at one of the great Hollywood studios, Sirius gets discovered and is cast in a movie series about a dog names Hercules Through a series of adventures, eventually Sirius ends up back in Nazi Germany and ultimately ends up becoming Hitler s pet dog Sirius is renamed Hansi by Hitler, and Sirius Hansi uses his smarts to overcome a bad situation Crown s style of writing is clever and witty, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story The storyline is so imaginative and quirky, and Crown creates a highly entertaining, inventive tale Sirius makes his way through history leaving his paw print wherever he goes The author s depictions of 1930s Berlin and Hollywood are fascinating and well researched The inclusion of so many historical characters Nazis, Nobel winning scientists and famous Hollywood movie stars really adds to the book I highly recommend this novel especially for animal lovers but really for anyone who loves a clever tale Thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for the chance to read this advance copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is a must for dog lovers I have a few people who will receive this book as a gift, as I know they will be unable to resist Levi Sirius Hercules all his roles, he is certainly the star that his second name implied It is as light hearted a romp as possible when the subject is a Jewish family in the toxic Germany of the Hitler era But, as any true dog lover will tell you, the joy that a dog can bring his or her people is impossible to measure The novel is set from the early days of Hitler through the end of WWII and the setting goes primarily between Berlin and Hollywood Those interested in the Hollywood of the 30 s and 40 s will appreciate the stars that people Sirius s life in Hollywood, and those interested in WWII Germany will likewise find the German villains who Sirius encounters fascinating and human than the history books can portray This perspective of those years through the eyes of an amazing dog who was privy to glamour, riches, poverty and war is one that the reader will remember. I received an advance reader s copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I wanted to like this book, I was even sure I d enjoy it But when you re 30% in and you re tempted to give up because it has taken weeks to get to that point, something is off Maybe my expectations were too high after reading a book like The Art of Racing in the Rain, but I simply couldn t get into Sirius Here s why One of the reasons I wanted to read Sirius was because its central character is a dog I m always curious to see how an author shows the world through non human eyes and while a bit of that was achieved in this book, it fell short of its full potential I ve read books with many non human characters and I always find it fascinating when they share their beliefs and philosophies from the perspective of their species That was one thing I didn t get from Sirius Our little fox terrier felt like a human in a dog s body and while there can certainly be similarities between human and non human thought, Crown overdid it in this book.Another thing I didn t like about Sirius was how well everything worked out for him Somehow, he was always at the right place with the right people, doing the right thing at the right time There were small peaks of struggle from time to time but the dog is always well received by everyone Nobody questions how he could be so smart or how he understands every human conversation and responds appropriately I think that was one thing that irked me nobody questioned it and simply accepted it as is He was a dog and he was adorable, why question anything If Sirius was too perfect, the other characters were too flat I sympathized with what they went through but none of them felt real enough for me to care about.My experience with Sirius may have been positive if I picked it up expecting an MG depiction of WWII through the eyes of a dog There were moments when the book tried to be comedic and I can see children appreciating its humour There were even nuggets of wisdom to pick up here and there I enjoyed the latter 5 10% of the book but I don t think it was worth the struggle it took for me to get there Other readers may have a completely different experience If the synopsis makes you curious enough to read it, do so If you have other books that are interesting, you won t miss much by bypassing this one.

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