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Serena The year is , and newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton travel from Boston to the North Carolina mountains where they plan to create a timber empire Although George has already lived in the camp long enough to father an illegitimate child, Serena is new to the mountains but she soon shows herself to be the equal of any man, overseeing crews, hunting rattle snakes, even saving her husband s life in the wilderness Together this lord and lady of the woodlands ruthlessly kill or vanquish all who fall out of favor Yet when Serena learns that she will never bear a child, she sets out to murder the son George fathered without her Mother and child begin a struggle for their lives, and when Serena suspects George is protecting his illegitimate family, the Pembertons intense, passionate marriage starts to unravel as the story moves toward its shocking reckoningRash s masterful balance of violence and beauty yields a riveting novel that, at its core, tells of love both honored and betrayed

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  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    I think this is what the end of the world will be like, McIntyre said, and none among them raised his voice to disagree In the primeval woods of North Carolina, young timber baron, George Pemberton, brings his bride, Serena, to live with him in his kingdom He had been busy enough already, fathering a child with a local girl and clear cutting wide swaths of land Serena quickly e

  2. karen karen says:

    i am alarmed that i only wrote a four line review of this amazing book now that i am starting to read the cove, i figure now is as good a time as any to remind this website just how good ron rash is, and how so far, serena is the best of them i am only on page 15 of the cove, so this could change whenever i try to hand sell this at work, i will usually just say it is like macbet

  3. Brina Brina says:

    Since joining the southern literary trail group on goodreads, I have discovered many gifted authors who I normally would not have considered It is in this regard that I was lead to the works of Ron Rash, a literature professor at Western Carolina university Rash has won multiple awards for his novels, and I decided on Serena as the first of his novels to read George and Serena Pe

  4. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    A kind of annihilation, was what Serena called their coupling, and though Pemberton would never have thought to describe it that way, he knew her words had named the thing exactly Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play the power couple in the 2015 movie.George Pemberton brought back a wife from Boston More than a wife,of a force of nature as dangerous as a witch and as pretty a

  5. J.L. Sutton J.L. Sutton says:

    I really like strong female heroines and Ron Rash s Serena delivers on that You might not like her, but the novel s title character is capable, resourceful and ruthlessly ambitious I also enjoyed how Rash used the battle to create the Great Smoky Mountains National Park early environmentalists versus timber interests in the late 1920s to frame his fictional story As was the case wi

  6. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    I read the first 90 pages of this book and couldn t continue The writing is excellent, quite impressive, really But when each chapter brought a new form of cruelty to animals, I had to stop Bashing in a raccoon s skull with an axeStarving a captive eagle to bend it to your willBaiting a field with corn and apples so you can shoot twelve deer and a bear for sport, then just leave the

  7. Delee Delee says:

    I am constantly seeking out books with a Macbeth type theme Unfortunately that is reeeeeaaaallly hard There are not that many I also love unlikable characters in fiction and I adore evil soulmatesbecause eventually evil people in love will turn on one anotherand THAT is when things get interesting One will always beevil than the other1929 Waynesville, North Carolina Newlyweds George

  8. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    The reviews I had read prior to my reading this novel were very polarized Many loved it, many hated it The impression it left me lies somewhere in the middle.Ron Rash s prose is beautiful It is realistic and earthy, but not raw or unpolished and it helps you visualize the harsh Appalachian landscape, full of lore and superstitions, which is slowly falling prey to the needs of the deve

  9. Grace Grace says:

    I started this book with high hopes, which may have been part of the problem But the main problem is the paper thinness of the main characters Halfway into the book, I was still straining to figure out which name referred to which character, since none of them had been given any distinct personalities And I think I m supposed to admire the main characters, but hate them at the same tim

  10. Jonathan Ashleigh Jonathan Ashleigh says:

    Beautiful descriptions and a great storyline I don t like the title now that I have finished reading it but I think that is sort of the point and I m not saying I know a better one Ron Rash did a wonderful job of making the reader hate the characters that were to be hated, and also feel pity for those that were to be pitied Beautiful descriptions and a great storyline I don t like the t

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