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Saving Grace Surrounded all of her life by zealous religious figures, Florida Grace Shepherd recounts a story that begins with her father s revival meetings and ends at Uncle Slidell s Christian Fun Golf course

10 thoughts on “Saving Grace

  1. Joan Joan says:

    Good fiction In talking about children s reading habits, I frequently hear that it doesn t matter what they read as long as they read I have always disagreed with that sentiment, because I believe it does matter on many different levels what children and young adults read What we read eventually affects our value systems, our vocabularies,our thought patt

  2. Rebecca Brothers Rebecca Brothers says:

    Another Lee Smith I find myself missing her voice when I m not reading one of her books Smith follows a family of snake handlers this time For those of you who aren t from these hills, I ll tell you snake handlers are holy rollers, people on the fringe of a Christianity that has no room for ambiguities An interview in the back of this book shows us what Smith w

  3. Susan Susan says:

    I try to read books from a lot of different genres, but it seems that I am consistently drawn back to books that are based in Appalachia Saving Grace is the story of Florida Grace whose father is a snake handling, Pentecostal preacher It s a hard life she lives always poor and always wanting It seems like everyone is caught up with the enthusiasm her charismatic fath

  4. Sandy Sandy says:

    The setting mountains of Appalachia and the writing captured, then held me I wavered a lot about the main character Florida Grace After the perfection of Ivy Rowe in my first Lee Smith novel Fair and Tender Ladies , maybe my expectations were too high Grace is the daughter of a serpent handling Pentecostal traveling preacher who searches for and struggles with her own spir

  5. Candy Candy says:

    I think I liked this book, so that is why I went ahead and gave it four stars instead of three It started out well and I really enjoyed the true to life showing of religious fundamentalism, having been raised in a similar situation myself, though thankfully not as extreme I enjoyed the authors voice Being from North Carolina herself she knows the dialect and the words we use, an

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    If you have not yet discovered Lee Smith, you must begin reading her works immediately Fair and Tender Ladies is still my favorite book by her, but this one comes a close second On the surface, the novel tells the life story of Florida Grace, a young woman whose father travels across the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia living plainly and preaching snake handling and poison dri

  7. Lori Cooper Lori Cooper says:

    I will read anything by Lee Smith because I love the way she writes Her book, Fair and Tender Ladies is still one of my all time favorites I m not sure that she could ever top that one, but that aside, I loved this one but wish that it had ended differently I kind of hated to see the main character take such a downturn in her life, but life can be that way sometimes I can certainly relate t

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    I really enjoyed this book There is almost nothing I likethan a snappy narrator and Florida Grace is a hoot Also, I liked the interesting subject matter pentacostal like religious up bringing The ending was rather ambiguous, but I like a book that makes me think I definitely recommend this book.

  9. Sharon Sharon says:

    I really liked this book about a girl growing up in a family in which Dad was called to witness by handling serpents Appalachian fiction until the very end The ending was not supported by anything else that had happened in the book and I felt the author capriciously decided just to call it a day in the easiest way possible Very disappointing.

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I finished this one in less than a weekend It wasn t a book that I expected to like as much as I did and I had never read anything by Lee Smith, but I love stories set in the South and Appalachia This was a very unique and strangely uplifting story.

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