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Rosa Candida En route pour une ancienne roseraie du continent, avec dans ses bagages deux ou trois boutures de Rosa candida, Arnlj tur part sans le savoir la rencontre d Anna et de sa petite fille, l bas, dans un autre den, oubli du monde et gard par un moine cin phileSuite son succ s en France, Rosa candida a t traduit et est en cours de traduction dans une quinzaine de pays

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  1. Dan Dan says:

    I m a little obsessed with Iceland It s a gorgeous country and produces some amazing literature Bragi Olafsson s The Pets ranks among my favorite books of all time so I was thrilled when I came across Au ur Ava Olafsdottir s The Greenhouse it s not every day that an English translation of a contemporary Icelandic literary title comes my way This is a quiet novel, written in a crisp and direct style in that way it reminds me o

  2. Fionnuala Fionnuala says:

    One merit of this charming story was that it inspired me to step outside and weed the garden So I was away from screens for a while Well, for half a day

  3. Barbarac Barbarac says:

    I just read another review that mentioned this book was quiet Exactly This book is quiet Part of it takes place in a monastery, and that s how this book is, simple and quiet It s the story of a young man leaving his country for the first time and leaving his father and twin autistic brother behind His mom died a few years back and the family still seems to not have moved on Part of the book is the road trip to his destination, which

  4. Tom LA Tom LA says:

    I read the Italian translation nota al traduttore e all editore su do di io do l accento NON ci va Ma insomma, dove avete studiato.This is the story of the Icelandic Forrest Gump He has a retarded brother, but he has some serious issues too I disagree with many reviewers who see him as a real, regular, almost typical 22 yo man Let s put it out there before anyone misses it this guy is border line autistic Things happen to him and to his

  5. Larissa Larissa says:

    Re read for class, in Icelandic, October 2014 Listened to audio book read by author, too Re read for new review, November 2012 Reviewed for Iceland Review, December 10, 2012, here Part road novel, part bildungsroman, Au ur Ava lafsd ttir s The Greenhouse is a meditative story of love, death, fatherhood, and creating meaning in life even when it seems to be entirely dictated by chance Published in English translation in 2011, it is the first

  6. Susan (aka Just My Op) Susan (aka Just My Op) says:

    The Greenhouse is a surprisingly lovely little story, with as much left unsaid as said A young man, someone who doesn t seem especially comfortable in his own skin, takes his love of gardening to a country new to him And he has a daughter, conceived in a careless one night, actually less than one night, stand I couldn t help but cheer him on as he learns about love, relationships, being a father, all aided by a monk who has at least one film to

  7. Bettie Bettie says:

    Dedicated to my motherAnd God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seedGenesis 1 29Opening Because I m leaving the country and it s difficult to know when I ll be back, my seventy seven year old father is preparing a memorable last supper for me and is going to cook something from one of Mom s handwritten recipes, the kind of thin

  8. Sheila Sheila says:

    This book caught my eye for two main reasons First, the title made me take my first look because I love all things gardening related Then, the description of the book kept my attention because it described a story not only of the shared love of the title greenhouse between a son and his deceased mother, but it also told of the journey of the son to a remote monastery to restore its once fabulous gardens Enough saidclickdownloadreadand I am glad to have

  9. Pamela Barrett Pamela Barrett says:

    When 20 year old Arnljotor, or Lobbi as his father calls him, has a one night stand in his mother s greenhouse, with a girl he barely knows, she gets pregnant At the time, his life is unsettled his mother has died, his elderly father wants him to pursue an advanced education degree, and his autistic brother is in an assisted living home Lobbi loves working with plants and plans on traveling to a medieval monastery to help the monks bring their world renowne

  10. Onaiza Khan Onaiza Khan says:

    It was a simple, subtle and quiet book, and yet I found myself consumed by it, by the little things It s one of those books that deal with the bigger issues of life through the lens of small, insignificant things, like roses, dinners, movies and days spent in a hospital I strongly feel that I will reread it over the years

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