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Plough the Sea The bold and powerful novel of an island in the sun, the man who ruled it, and the woman who loved him

About the Author: Robert Wilder

Robert Ingersoll Wilder was a novelist, playwright and screenwriter Wilder s childhood was spent at Daytona Beach, Florida Following a stint in the United States Army during World War I, he was educated at Stetson University and Columbia University At various times in his life, Mr Wilder was a soda jerk, a ship fitter, a theater usher, a shipping clerk, a newspaper copy boy, a publicity agent, a radio executive, and a journalist.Mr Wilder traveled widely and contributed stories to The New Yorker, among other magazines He was author of two plays, Sweet Chariot, based on the life and career of activist Marcus Garvey, and Stardust, both of which were produced on Broadway He also wrote the screenplay for the classic western, The Big Country, in 1958.Mr Wilder was married and had a son.

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  1. Kathy Petersen Kathy Petersen says:

    Yet another novel from my youth, one that holds up very well.

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