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Plicul negru In ciuda structurii sale atat de complexe asemanatoare multora dintre romanele moderniste de la Musil la Mann, de la Kafka la Robbe Grillet , cartea minutios construita a lui Manea este in esenta un mister psihologic, istoria cautarii unei organizatii oculte, povestea unui anchetator care isi pierde mintile si, pana la urma, un foarte ingenios construit puzzle linear Romanul lui Manea, probabil cea mai stralucita realizare a sa de pana acum, construieste o lume fictionala care este in chip enigmatic suficienta siesi si, in acelasi timp, neasteptat de revelatorie pentru ceea ce unul dintre personaje numeste psihologia claustrarii , a singuratatii si a exilului Matei Calinescu Plicul negru al lui Norman Manea o capodopera tumultuoasa si tulburatoare Corriere della Sera Din Plicul negru cititorul invata despre duplicitatea perfida a sistemului totalitar ceausist mai mult decat din zeci de eseuri politice World Literature Today Realism magic in varianta central europeana, patruns de umor negru si satira amara Un roman de rar nivel artistic Aftenposten Dens si stralucit roman Times Literary Supplement Marele roman al lui Norman Manea despre Romania Suddeutsche Zeitung Citind Plicul negru, ne am putea aminti nocivul lapte negru al Tangoului mortii de Celan sau atmosfera claustrofoba a terorii in crestere din Badenheimde Appelfeld The New York Times Book Review

10 thoughts on “Plicul negru

  1. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    I found this book baffling in parts so I did what I never do which is to look at others reviews to see if anyone else had figured it out Much of the plot, such as it is, is about an elderly man who lives alone and seems to be searching for documents related to the political turmoil that ruined his father s career However, he himself was run out of a job as

  2. Stela Stela says:

    Reading, still reading Sign of unhappiness, all this reading, rightMost of The Black Envelope reviews posted on Goodreads express puzzlement or confusion or simply annoyance It s not difficult to understand their frustration, for the novel is one of those exasperating books that, although very well written, prove hard to love, probably because of their too

  3. Bill Bill says:

    i managed to slog my way through this whole book, but it was quite a struggle i kind of liked the writing, but didn t really understand the book at all and the plot, if there was one, was incomprehensible i had plans to get a couple of his other books, but don t think i will bother now.

  4. Fernando Jimenez Fernando Jimenez says:

    Obra dif cil, casi imposible, a ratos hipn tica, casi siempre ca tica, torrencial, deslavazada, este fresco sobre la Bucarest de los 80 es tambi n una s tira sobre los desastres de la dictadura de Ceaucescu y sobre los fantasmas del pasado fascista, a n demasiado presente en una continuidad grotesca del despotismo Quiz s sea casi ilegible en castellano pero d

  5. Héctor Genta Héctor Genta says:

    Temo la verit e non so neppure pi se la voglio Tolea un uomo distrutto dal regime accusato di condotta immorale e per questo degradato da professore in un liceo di provincia a portiere di un albergo ad ore, si trova a rischiare il licenziamento anche da l e cos decide di prender ferie per indagare sul passato del padre ucciso o suicidatosi anni prima dopo aver

  6. Daniel Polansky Daniel Polansky says:

    I ve written before in this space about how foolish it is to decide a book is bad because you didn t understand it, andgenerally of the terrible and terribly frequent error in imagining that no one could possibly be smarter than you are Black Envelope is a difficult novel to review, in so far as despite a serious, determined effort, large portions of it remaine

  7. Stela Stela says:

    Cite ti, mai cite ti Semn de nefericire, lectura, nuMajoritatea recenziilor Plicului negru postate pe Goodreads de c tre cititori str ini exprim fie nedumerirea, fie confuzia sau enervarea Nu e greu de n eles frustrarea lor, c ci romanul este una dintre c r ile acelea iritante care, de i foarte bine scrise, s nt greu de iubit, probabil din cauza caracterului pre

  8. Nathan Eilers Nathan Eilers says:

    Manea s dark postmodern novel shows a lot of promise, but it is ever vague and confusing Yes, this is the effect Manea s after because he wants the reader to have a sense of life in Fascist Romania however, his technique is so effective that the book is a long series of events in a labyrinth of bleak darkness.

  9. Tony Tony says:

    How anyone can make progress through this is beyond me The narrative is all over the place, the plot remains a promise glinting on the horizon but never reached I ve read a few Romanian writers and, in this instance, I can t help but wonder if the fault in pinning the whole thing down into something resembling structure is partly down to the translation.

  10. Wm Wm says:

    Baffling Exquisite Disorienting Bleak Strange Dreamy Hopeful Mysterious Ominous Amusing Corrosive Maddening Sly Erudite Disastrous Grimy Fleeting Brash Meditative Supple Colorful Ashen Allegorical Layered Memorable Percussive Stilted Flippant Insane.

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