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Permanent Record Edward Snowden, The Man Who Risked Everything To Expose The US Government S System Of Mass Surveillance, Reveals For The First Time The Story Of His Life, Including How He Helped To Build That System And What Motivated Him To Try To Bring It DownIn , Twenty Nine Year Old Edward Snowden Shocked The World When He Broke With The American Intelligence Establishment And Revealed That The United States Government Was Secretly Pursuing The Means To Collect Every Single Phone Call, Text Message, And Email The Result Would Be An Unprecedented System Of Mass Surveillance With The Ability To Pry Into The Private Lives Of Every Person On Earth Six Years Later, Snowden Reveals For The Very First Time How He Helped To Build This System And Why He Was Moved To Expose ItSpanning The Bucolic Beltway Suburbs Of His Childhood And The Clandestine CIA And NSA Postings Of His Adulthood, Permanent Record Is The Extraordinary Account Of A Bright Young Man Who Grew Up Online A Man Who Became A Spy, A Whistleblower, And, In Exile, The Internet S Conscience Written With Wit, Grace, Passion, And An Unflinching Candor, Permanent Record Is A Crucial Memoir Of Our Digital Age And Destined To Be A Classic

About the Author: Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Ed Snowden is an American computer professional who leaked classified information unveiling mass surveillance at an unimagined scale from intelligence agencies to mainstream media which created ripples across the globe.

10 thoughts on “Permanent Record

  1. Caspin Caspin says:

    The guy s a genius with a selfless heart of gold He gave up a 250,000 a year job in Hawaii, left his family, friends, country.his whole life, to share truth of the United States masses having their constitutional rights violated by the NSA.The founding fathers ar

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    This is so weird I did not rate this book, but I see that I gave it 2 stars on August 27 It seriously looks like my account was hacked in order to give a book 2 stars Who does that

  3. Betty Betty says:

    So well written and absolutely riveting.

  4. says:

    Edward Snowden may run into some trouble getting paid for his memoir Permanent Record Metropolitan Books , but he was never all that concerned with money Did he talk his way into a 62k a year contractor job at the age of 22 Yup Did he take a pay cut to work directly for the government That

  5. Denise Denise says:

    I think it s been fairly well established by now where my views on Edward Snowden fall in the traitor vs hero debate, so it shouldn t come as a surprise that I was very excited to read his story as told in his own words Since following his disclosures back in 2013, I have unabashedly admired what h

  6. Karen Karen says:

    This is a fascinating and well written book September 2019 Trevor Noah The Daily Show interviewed Edward Snowdenhttps watch v PArFPFrom 2016, State of Surveillance with Edward Snowden and Shane Smithhttps watch v ucRWySeptember 2019 Justice Department Sues Edward Snowden Over

  7. Flaviu Vescan Flaviu Vescan says:

    To me, what Snowden did was a heroic sacrifice for the sake of free speech and democracy It shows that even in this century of the many , individual action can matter just as much as collective action and that gives me a great deal of hope People like him give me hope, but they also show that the liberties we curren

  8. Alex Rundhaug Alex Rundhaug says:

    Edward Snowden has always preferred the life of relative anonymity, but in this book, he goes into great detail about the fascinated life he has lived and what led up to the biggest intelligence scandal in history The book is divided into 3 parts, Part 1 is his childhood, how he got interested in technology and how he used h

  9. Manny Manny says:

    This is a long awaited book for me Some people may disagree with him IMHO I consider him a true hero He outed the corruption at the very top This has not stopped and has actually increased The saddest thing about the entire situation as that we all know the NSA is watching everything we do and we the people have done nothing We have

  10. Ryan Lackey Ryan Lackey says:

    I don t agree with everything Snowden did, and I don t know how complete this book is about his motivations and actions, but even with those caveats, it s an excellent book.The most interesting aspect for me was not the factual description of what he did although there are some never before read details , but his mindset and motivation to cho

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